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"Come, my Evil Alliance!"

The Evil Alliance was a gathering of the Overdrive Rangers' foes led by Thrax, son of former United Alliance of Evil members Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.

Team History

The Sentinel Knight imprisoned Thrax inside of a space dumpster on the Moon (which may have happened between In Space and Operation Overdrive, or at least prior to the finale of the former). But one day Thrax was strong enough to break the dumpster and free himself. He recruits the other villains such as Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, Miratrix and the Fearcats, Mig and Benglo, to defeat the Overdrive Rangers. Though each faction was reluctant at first, they joined together and managed to easily overpower all six Overdrive Rangers, after words they sever the Rangers' link to the Morphing Grid, to keep the Rangers busy, he creates a dragon-like vulture monster called Vulturus.​ Meanwhile, Mig and Kamdor tried to destroy the powerless Rangers but were easily defeated by Xander Bly, Bridge Carson, Tori Hanson, and Adam Park who would come to be called the Retro Rangers.


When the Sentinel Knight restored the power of five veteran Rangers and made them a team, Thrax sought a mystical sword called Excelsior to destroy the knight. However, because of his evil nature, Thrax was unable to claim the sword. He left in a rampage with the other villains and a reserecuted Vulturus. The Retro Rangers and Overdrive Rangers who morphed and fought his army. Thrax fought Adam personally and proved to be a strong fighter overcoming the Defender Vest. After his allies were defeated and his monster destroyed, he was ultimately destroyed by the reborn Sentinel Knight using the Power Kick Attack. The other villains retreated and broke their alliance to continue their rivalry which marked the end of the Evil Alliance.


  • This is the shortest alliance in the franchise, seeing as most last more than two episodes and often span whole seasons.
    • The alliance between Moltor and Flurious from the episode "Follow The Ranger" doesn't really count down to the alliance only involving two villains. If you count it then they're both the shortest lived alliances.

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