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Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch is a classmate of the Power Rangers and one of the resident troublemakers at Angel Grove High School alongside his best friend Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier.

Character History

It is revealed that seven years ago, Eugene was a friend of Billy Cranston but eventually because of peer pressure and his home life, he became a bully by his teens and the two were no longer friends. He does show hidden signs of regret when Billy mentions something from their childhood about "Lava Sand", something from the pretend games they used to play as children. Sadly, he cannot seem to muster up the courage to apologize for his actions or try to rekindle their friendship as he is pressured by Bulk to be one of the "cool kids".Go Go Power Rangers Issue 3

Unlockly Heroes

When Rita Repulsa successfully has her monster trap the Power Rangers into its body, Zordon temporarily recruited Bulk and Skull to be Power Rangers using 'extremely rare' Power Coins. After they successfully defeat the monster, Alpha 5 removes their memories as no one must ever know they were ever Power Rangers.



Far more than the irreverent rebel without a cause that he presents himself as, Skull is actually quite observant, sensitive, and kind at his core. Having dealt with his issues of abandonment as a result of his father walking out when he was young, Skull's mask of being a crude bully with a fondness for biker and death metal fashion is often subverted by moments that reveal his emotional intelligence and compassion. One such instance was how he backed out of an advance made by Kimberly Hart when she attempted to kiss him on the Ferris wheel at a carnival, citing that he knew she wasn't over her ex-boyfriend Matt Cook, and could not go through with kissing her while she was still emotionally compromised and vulnerable. He offered to talk things out with her instead. Along with this, his honesty with his old friend Billy Cranston regarding Skull's insecurity his own abilities due to Billy's own constant presentation of his prodigious intellect displays his more sensitive and morally conflicted side, showing that Skull is not so much a bully, but simply has a hard time living up to his own moral and principled nature.

Orange Mighty Morphin Ranger


Mighty Morphin reserve costume




  • Skull is the first official Orange Ranger in any Power Rangers series or story.
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