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Escape the Lost Galaxy is the forty-second episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, concluding the Lost Galaxy arc. The episode marks the end of Mike Corbett's time as the Galaxy Rangers ally the Magna Defender and the final appearances of the Torozord, Captain Mutiny and Barbarax. Trakeena returns as the local villain.


Barbarax and the Swabbies capture slaves for Captain Mutiny. Mike decides he must infiltrate the slave camp and set them free. Meanwhile, Kai is trying to find a way out of the Lost Galaxy. He finally succeeds, but will Mike and the slaves he has freed make it back to Terra Venture before it leaves the Lost Galaxy?


The episode begins with the six Rangers fighting off Barbarax's latest attempt to capture slaves. Despite Mike's best attempts to stop him, Barbarax manages to capture several civillians in his magical barrel. Barbarax then knocks all the Rangers off their feet and leaves with the Swabbies. The Rangers decide they must find a way into Captain Mutiny's slave camp to free all of his prisoners. Mike comes up with a plan; let himself be captured and taken to the camp, so he can help the trapped people escape. Leo wants to go with him, but Mike tells him he has to go alone; if any of the other Rangers go, they won't be able to summon the Lights of Orion if they need to.

It isn't long before Barbarax leads a fresh attack with a platoon of Swabbies. This time, Barbarax is unopposed and manages to capture more citizens, with Mike allowing himself to be among the people caught.  On Captain Mutiny's planet, Mike and the other fresh slaves are all shackled and put to work mining for gems. After working for a while, Mike sees Barbarax threatening an old man for not digging up enough stones. A young woman collapses next to Mike, who refuses Mike's help in case they're spotted and punished. Later, Mike gives the gems he dug up to the old man only for Barbarax to spot the empty bucket. Deciding to make an example of Mike, Barbarax pushes him over and is about to introduce him to the business end of his axe, when the young woman stops him threatens all the other slaves to pick up the pace. This is enough to quell Barbarax's wrath, although he promises to take it out on her if anyone else doesn't pull their weight. Mike asks the woman, who is named Haley, why she helped him, and she tells him she did it because the old man he gave the gems to is her grandfather.

On Terra Venture, Leo and Kai start looking through the Galaxy Book for a way to get out of the Lost Galaxy once and for all. Kai finds the Keonta spell that Deviot cast to send them there in the first place and reads it, but nothing happens. Leo suggests that one way to reverse the Keonta spell is to say it backwards, so writes it down back-to-front. They read the words, and the Galaxy Book starts to react. When Kai says the last word, nothing happens at first but then the book suddenly turns into energy and flies out of the window before turning into a portal back to normal space. Commander Stanton immediately orders a course laid in, and Terra Venture starts the journey to escape.

At the slave camp, the sun is setting and the slaves are led to their bunks. Mike grabs Haley and pulls her off to the side. Her grandfather, to ensure they are not spotted, causes a ruckus and is dragged away, allowing Mike and Haley to escape. Keeping hidden, Mike and Haley make it to the barracks and Mike prepares the break-out, telling Leo to be there in thirty minutes. With help on its way, Mike and Haley attack and defeat the Swabbies on guard and steal their keys, using them to release the other slaves. 

The Astro Megaship lands on the planet where the Rangers are present to meet the slaves. Kai tells Mike the portal is open, however Haley realises her grandfather isn't with them. One of the other prisoners tells her that Barbarax took him away, and Haley immediately leaves to save him. Mike tries to stop her telling her he'll go, but she refuses to listen and rushes off. The two find the old man in stocks and release him, however their path to the Megaship is blocked by Barbarax. Mike rushes into battle, morphing in front of Haley and her grandfather, and starts a furious battle with Barbarax allowing them to reach the Megaship. 

Mike is able to get the best of Barbarax. On the Megaship, Haley realises Mike didn't return. As the Megaship takes off, Captain Mutiny gets ready to blast the ship out of the sky with his arm cannon, saying the Rangers have gone too far. Before he can fire, Mike shoots him in the back with his Magna Blaster and says that Mutiny's the one who's gone too far. The Megaship escapes, so Captain Mutiny takes his anger out on Mike, shooting him with a massive blast that sends him over a cliff, causing him to lose his Magna Blaster/Saber on the way down, and leaving him unconscious, badly injured, and demorphed as soon as he hits the ground. Deviot tells Captain Mutiny that Terra Venture will be heading towards the portal, so Captain Mutiny decides to follow them determined not to let them escaped. The Megaship rushes back to Terra Venture with Mutiny's castle following.

As Mike tries to recover, the spirit of Magna Defender appears and tells him to he needs draw on his strength and keep on fighting telling him his greatest mission lies ahead. Mike gets up as the Magna Defender tells him he knows he can do it. As Terra Venture crawls towards the portal, hampered by its recent engine troubles, they see it is starting to close. On the Megaship, the Rangers prepare to dock with Terra Venture when Haley tells Leo that Mike is missing. Just then, Defender Torozord speeds past the Megaship and Terra Venture and reaches the portal, much to the shock of Leo. Despite his younger brother's protests to stop, Mike uses all of his and Torozord's strength to force the portal back open. However, the energy from the portal strikes courses through them, and a few seconds later Torozord explodes. Leo is horrified that Mike seemingly sacrificed himself and cries out in anguish, as Karone holds him back.

The Megaship returns to Terra Venture and Mike's sacrifice has bought the colony enough time to make it to the portal. The crew weathers the bumpy ride and several seconds later are finally returned to normal space much to everyone's relief and joy... all except Leo's, of course. Captain Mutiny's castle also makes it through, and Captain Mutiny looks forward to having a whole new galaxy to conquer... however it turns out he has run straight into Trakeena, who declares that she'll be the one to rule the universe. She wastes no time and uses the Scorpion Stinger's pincers to crush the castle, destroying it along with Captain Mutiny and his crew.

Out in space, Leo desperately searches for Mike with his Jet Jammer and finds him floating unconscious in space. Picking him up, Leo finds that Mike's Magna Morpher has been completely destroyed. Getting him back to Terra Venture, Mike wakes up to find Leo and Haley by his bedside. Haley thanks him for setting her and everyone else free, but regrets it cost him his powers. Mike doesn't regret anything, as he knows that helping people is what the powers were meant for in the first place. Magna Defender's spirit appears to Mike one last time, thanking him for serving his legacy with honor.



  • Terra Venture is incorrectly shown to have all its engines working.
  • When Mike states that "this is crazy, we've got to find a way to stop him," his mouth appears to continue moving even after he's finished speaking.
  • Mike volunteers to be captured as the villains wouldn't know who he was; however, he was personally responsible for foiling Hexuba's nightmare spell while unmorphed.
  • Despite it having being under heavy guard previously, Leo and Kai were shown to have possession of the Galaxy Book with no explanation.
  • It is unknown why Leo and Kai didn't wait until Mike and the slaves were back aboard Terra Venture before trying to open the portal.
  • Defender Torozord was grossly oversized in this episode, holding open the portal which was as big as Terra Venture despite having always been shown to battle inside the colony's far smaller domes.
  • Leo recovers the unmorphed Mike floating in outer space. Mike should have died from exposure to the vacuum of space and lack of oxygen.
    • This is, however, consistent with how space has always been portrayed in Power Rangers, with a breathable, Earth-like atmosphere even on the moon.


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