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"Hey! You guys can't be back here."
―Ernie (MMPR) telling Bulk and Skull they can't hide behind the counter.

Ernie is the owner of the juice bar at Angel Grove Community Center, where Jason, Tommy and their friends hang out.


He was the owner of the Angel Grove Youth Center, the most popular hangout spot for teens in the area. Ernie was around to lend a helping hand or advice to various characters and was often annoyed by Bulk and Skull's antics in the show's first season. He was also a fan of the Power Rangers.

Ernie was extremely popular with the Youth of Angel Grove hosting parties, school activities, special events and community charity events. He also showed tremendous trust to the Youth Center regulars often leaving teens in charge whilst he ran errands. Ernie is especially known for his hospitality, serving a variety of drinks and foods ranging from sandwiches to ice cream available for dine in or takeaway. In Life's A Masquerade, he even interacted with Alpha 5 briefly, however, he thought he was just a little boy in a robot costume and not a real robot. Ernie opened an outdoor cafe and a Hawaiian themed beach cafe in season three and Power Rangers Zeo, respectively. They only appeared in these seasons.

Ernie departed the show to do volunteer work in South America between the Turbo movie and series, leaving the Youth Center to Jerome Stone. He was last seen during a cameo in the audience of a charity karate tournament. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Jerome Stone's actual quote about Ernie's departure was "Well, his foreign service unit recalled him and he had to suddenly leave. I don't know, something about building a bridge in the Amazon." Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shadow Rangers

Ernie appears in a cameo in the Twitch RPG series Power Rangers Hyper Force. He cameos when the HyperForce Rangers visit the Youth Center whilst searching for a missing time ship they tracked to Angel Grove.Tvicon.png TV STORY-It's Morphin Time!


Behind the Scenes



  • Originally, it was to be revealed that Ernie knew of the Rangers' secret identities all along, having figured it out for himself, but this plan was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Ernie is the only minor character amongst the Angel Grove civilians to have his departure explained. Caplan, Stone's, and Appleby's departures from the show later in the same season are unexplained.
  • The producers told David Fielding that this character was meant to be Zordon watching over the Rangers from the Juice Bar[1] but the idea was scrapped because they wanted Ernie to be an overweight character instead, insisting the joke was "A fat guy that runs a juice bar was funny". [2]


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