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"Look, I know you're too nice to say anything, but what I did to the Rangers, I've done the same thing to you. I took credit for things that you did."
―Erin admitting to Shelby of how selfish she was acting and apologizing to her.[src]

Erin is a character from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and is the best friend of Shelby Watkins, the Pink Ranger, she only appears in the episode "Besties 4Eva!".

Character History

Erin is first seen at the Amber Beach Dino Cafe having conversation with the other Rangers, however Shelby and Erin have been best friends since Kindergarten. Erin gives the Rangers ice cream one by one, a Spikeball appear to attack the Rangers. After the Spikeball was destroyed by the Rangers and they ran off, Erin looks at the Spikeball's club on the ground and the reporters find her and stating that she is the "Pink Ranger" resulting in send to the breaking news. Shelby was furious with Erin after she finds out that she's taking credit of being a Pink Ranger without her permission. It turns out Erin was kidnapped by Halfbake after Shelby gives her a phone. After the Rangers destroy Halfbake, they rescue Erin from Halfbake's dough prison where she's being trapped in. After the battle with Halfbake enlarged, Erin apologize to Shelby for getting credit from the Pink Ranger. Erin, Shelby, and other Rangers sings the Triceratops song


Personality-wise, Erin acts very much like a regular teenager, she sports a friendly personality to her friends and is good friends with Shelby, despite this though, there are times when Erin can act pretty selfish, such as taking credit for what the others did and not what she did (such a saying that she was the one that brought ice cream, when it was really Chase that bought the ice cream), she is also very self-absorbent, such as saying that she is the "Pink Ranger" and saying that she was the one that "defeated" the Spikeball, resulting her getting kidnap by Half-bake who thinks that she is the Pink Ranger, but after the Rangers rescue her from Half-bake, she becomes far more caring and not acting selfish anymore.

Behind the Scenes



  • Erin is very similar to Jordan, a character from a previous season, Power Rangers Megaforce.
    • Both are human characters.
    • Both characters only make one appearances.
    • Both characters take credit by saying that they are a Power Ranger.
    • Both characters nearly get harmed by a monster (Jordan: Dragonflay, Erin: Half-bake).
    • Both characters admit to the people that they are not Rangers and realizing their mistakes and the error of their ways.


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