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Eras (エラス Erasu) is the leader of Warfare Tribe Druidon and the hidden main antagonist of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. Not much is known about Eras at this time, except that she is said to be the Druidon Tribe's Great Power and is the mother of the Druidon.

Character History

As the progenitor of all Druidons, Eras is a very powerful enemy that the Ryusoul Tribe's ancestors battled in the past. By using the Ryusoul Calibur, she was sealed under the Temple of the Beginning. In the present day, Seto discovered that she was draining the power of Ryusoul Calibur, so he had the Ryusoulgers retreat the sword, which also unsealed her in the process. Ep. 38: Temple of the Sky

After awakened, she began to create new Druidon Generals. Ep. 43: Mother of the Druidon


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Powers and Abilities

  • Sapient Race Creation: Being the originator of the Druidon Tribe, Eras has the ability to create a Druidon General with granted sentience.
  • Power Absoprtion: During the millennia following her imprisonment by the Ryusoul Tribe's ancestors, Eras has slowly consumed the immense energy from the Ryusoul Calibur.


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Behind the Scenes


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  • Eras is the first female villain since Grand Witch Grandiene from Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive to be the main villain of a Super Sentai season.
    • Like Grandiene (and in turn Queen Bansheera), one of the faction's goals is their resurection.
  • Eras is the only female major member of the Druidon Tribe (not counting the two female Minosaurs).
  • Eras' motif is clearly based on a Queen chess piece.
    • Being both a female and the most powerful member of the Druidon Tribe fits her motif as the Queen chess piece is considered the most powerful piece.



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