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"I will remake this planet."
―Eras first words upon her awakening.

"To be destroyed by my own creations... I suppose that means... The planet no longer needs me."
―Final words before her death.

Eras (エラス Erasu) was the leader of Warfare Tribe Druidon and the hidden main antagonist of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. She was referred to as the Mother of the Druidon (ドルイドンの母 Doruidon no Haha) by Pricious. Unknown to most, she is the creator of not only the Druidon Tribe, but also the Ryusoul Tribe.

Character History


A being of unknown origin, over 65 million years ago Eras created the first members of the Ryusoul Tribe to protect the planet. When the Ryusoul Tribe began infighting with itself in wars that were damaging the planet, Eras created the Druidon Tribe to exterminate the Ryusoul Tribe. However, the Druidon Tribe began to pursue their own conquest of the Earth, leading Eras to secretly plot the destruction of both tribes. Ep. 46: Noble Kishiryu


By using the Ryusoul Calibur, she was sealed under the Temple of the Beginning by the Ryusoul Tribe's ancestors in the past. In the present day, Seto discovered that she was draining the power of Ryusoul Calibur, so he had the Ryusoulgers retrieve the sword, which also unsealed her in the process. Ep. 38: Temple of the Sky


Eras reborn

Eras gaining a new body after absorbing Pricious.

After she awakened, she began to create new Druidon Generals. Ep. 43: Mother of the Druidon When the battle between the Ryusoulgers and the Druidon escalated, she made Yabasword go berserk and attack both sides. Ep. 45: Get Your Heart Back! After Yabasword was destroyed by Pricious, she revealed the shocking truth to him. When Wiserue reappeared and tried to reconcile with Pricious, Eras decided it was time to act, so she created a tendril that pierce through both Kleon and Pricious. While Kleon was unharmed by the attack, the tendril dragged Pricious in and Eras absorbed him. Eras's new body formed, and she unleashed a blinding light that engulfed the Ryusoulgers. Ep. 46: Noble Kishiryu

The light puts all people on Earth, except the Druidons, into an eternal slumber with peaceful and happy dreams. While she was engaged by King KishiRyuOh, Kleon was able to wake the Ryusoulgers up. After using tendrils to capture all humans in the city, she fired an energy beam that turned it into a wasteland, but King KishiRyuOh shielded Kleon and the Ryusoulgers from the attack. Eras then released more tendrils to attack the Ryusoulgers and successfully captured Melto, Asuna and Kleon, absorbing them into her body while the other Ryusoulgers retreated. Wiserue discovered that she planned to use the lifeforce of captured humans to rejuvenate the barren Earth. On the next day, the captured trio were able to burst out of her chest by creating a Satan Minosaur. After eliminating the newly born Minosaur, Eres engaged the transformed Ryusoulgers and quickly knocked them out of transformation. She then tried to convince them that her doing was good for everyone and for the planet, but when they made up their mind and confronted her, she decided that they weren't needed in the new world. Ep. 47: Between Happiness and Despair

Engaging the Kishiryu mecha, she easily overwhelmed and knocked them into their Kishiryu components. Eras was then stabbed in the chest by Ryusoul Red using an enlarged Ryusoul Calibur, which absorbed all Kishiryus. She was shrunken to the human size as Ryusoul Calibur broke. Wounded and worn out, she used a tendril to pierce and absorb Koh's life force to rejuvenate herself. As the Ryusoulgers were distressed with Koh's death, Eras decided to take her leave, but they stopped her. In a lightless spirit world, Eras, in her core form, had a conversation with Koh's soul while her physical body fought the Ryusoulgers. Remembering how she created the Ryusoul Tribe but they had brought harm to her planet, she called the Ryusoulgers fools and stated she wouldn't make the same mistake again. However, she became hesitant when Koh claimed that the foolish mortals could learn from their mistakes and pass them on to the next generations. When Eras was fatally stabbed by the Ryusoulgers, she wondered if that meaned the planet didn't need her anymore, before dissolving into nothingness. Final Ep.: The Will of the Earth


Eras was once a kind and altruistic sentient being whom sought out peace. Over the course of time, however, her kind altruism converted to a passionate dogmatic extremism as she witnessed her creations the Ryusoul Tribe, who were supposed to uphold said peace, become maligned and warmongering entities, and the Druidon Tribe, who were created to exterminate the Ryusoul Tribe, seeking world domination. At this point she has grown disappointed at both sides contaminating her latest project and tasked it upon herself to change it to her perception by sterilizing her experiment (such as destroying Earth).

Powers and Abilities

  • Transcendent Physiology: Eras is a god-like being possessing immense power and the ability to create life.
    • Planetary Symbiosis: Initially, Eras was connected to the Earth itself to absorb the planet's energy and enhances her abilities. This power was lost once Eras created her own body by absorbing Pricious.
    • Sapient Race Creation: Being the originator of both the Ryusoul Tribe the Druidon Tribe, Eras has the ability to create a being with granted sentience.
    • Power Absorption: During the millennia following her imprisonment by the Ryusoul Tribe's ancestors, Eras has slowly consumed the immense energy from the Ryusoul Calibur and from the very earth itself.
    • Shield Generation: In her sealed form, Eras can create a barrier from energy to protect herself before her awakening.
    • Memory Transfer: Eras can implant her own memories into the minds of others.
    • Biological Absorption: Eras can consume biological mass or matter into her body.
      • Transformation: After absorbing Pricious, Eras' core can morph into a superior and more powerful body.
    • Size Manipulation: Eras can manipulate her own size at will, from human size to gigantic while retaining her physical proportions.
    • Tendril Creation: Eras can produce energy tendrils from the large tentacle-like appendage on the back of her head.
    • Disintegration Beam: Eras possesses enough raw energy to generate concentrated beams from her hand or chest in easily her most devastating and deadly attack that can destroy an entire landscape or completely vaporize a being into dust with single blasts. Only King KishiRyuOh can endure the blast with partial damage.
      KSR-Eras' Disintegration Beam

      Eras' disintegration beam

    • Chlorogenesis: Eras can create energy-based trees to entrap the sleeping humans.
      Eras' Tree

      Eras' tree construct

    • Mental Sedation: Eras has the ability to generate a blinding light that causes other beings to fall asleep instantly.
    • Life-Force Transferal: Eras can transfer the life force of humans into scorched earth and restore vegetation.
      • Life-Force Absorption: Through the yellow tendril on the back of her head, Eras can drain the life force of a being and use it to replenish herself.
    • Flame Projectiles: Eras can generate and launch fireballs from her claw extensions.
      KSR-Eras' Explosion Inducement

      Eras' explosion inducement

    • Explosion Inducement: Through her energy tendrils, Eras can generate enough heat to trigger an explosion.
    • Energy Bolts: Eras can generate and launch purple multiple energy bolts from her claw extensions.
    • Pulse Generation: Eras can generate kinetic pulses from her body at will or with a snap of her fingers.
    • Laser Beams: Eras can generate and launch red lasers from the red spikes protruding from her body.


  • Claw Gauntlets: Eras wields two three-pronged claw-like gauntlets on each arm.
  • Energy Tendrils: Eras can utilize her energy tendrils to ensnare her opponents, throw them around, and channel her explosion power.


  • Ryusoul Calibur: Eras was susceptible to the energy of the Ryusoul Calibur, which sealed her in the past.
  • Physical Form: No longer a core, Eras lost her symbiosis with the Earth, rendering her vulnerable.
  • Chest: The center of Eras' chest is her weak point, which the Ryusoulgers managed to exploit by partially sealing her with the Ryusoul Calibur infused with the Kishiryu's energy, and ultimately killed her.


  • Height: 201 cm (73.8 m Giant)
  • Weight: 302 kg (1109.8 t Giant)
  • Attribute: Queen-type Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Wilderness of Creation
  • Classification: Eras

Behind the Scenes



Eras concept

Concept Art

  • Eras' debut as a sphere-shaped core is similar to that of two previous villain leaders; Shine and the Omnipotent God. As Eras, both took spherical forms and lacked a mobile form in their full appearance. However, Eras won her own body near the end of the series.
    • Before her core's debut in episode 40, there is hardly any mention to her at all.
  • Eras is the first female villain since Grand Witch Grandiene from Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive to be the main villain of a Super Sentai season.
    • Like Grandiene (and in turn Queen Bansheera), one of the faction's goals is their resurrection. Like Bansheera (but unike Grandiene), she absorbed one of her generals to complete her transformation. Furthermore, like Grandiene, Eras viewed her own children as disposable pawns and was planning on destroying them all from the start.
      • The only difference is that Grandiene is motivated by self interest while Eras (in her mind) believes she's doing it for the greater good.
  • Eras is the only female major member of the Druidon Tribe.
  • Eras' motif is based on a Queen chess piece and the red and black square patterns of a checkerboard.
  • Eras is one of the final villains who only appear in few episodes near the end of the series.
  • Eras is the first final villain to kill a Sentai ranger since Long
    • Coincidentally, both happen in episode 48 of their respective series.
  • Eras is the first villain in Sentai history who actually has a benevolent motive rather than a malevolent one. Her goal was always to protect the Earth through her creations.
  • Eras creating the Ryusoul Tribe and the Druidon Tribe is similar to how Shocker created the powers of Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji and the Shocker Kaijin.


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