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"I will remake this planet. This planet...will be remade."
―Eras's first words spoken through Kleon upon her awakening.[src]

"No! Ohhhhhh! You dare strike at me...? You will pay! You leave me no choice... I must take your life."
―Eras after being shruken down by Koh and the Ryusoul Calibur.[src]

"To be destroyed by my own creations... I suppose that means... The planet no longer needs me."
―Eras' final words before her death.[src]

Eras (エラス Erasu) was the leader of Warfare Tribe Druidon and the main antagonist of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. Unknown to most, she was the creator of not only the Druidon but also the Ryusoul Tribe.



A being of unknown origin, Eras created the first members of the Ryusoul Tribe over 65 million years ago to protect Earth. However, as time went on, the kinsman of the Ryusoul Tribe began warring with each other; engaging in battles that ravaged the land. Witnessing the destruction that her creations had caused, Eras sought to exterminate the Ryusoul Tribe with the creation of the Druidon Tribe. But, much to Era's dismay, her new creation began their own campaign for the conquest of Earth; another failure that inspired Eras to begin orchestrating the destruction of both tribes. In the ancient past, the ancestral Ryusoul Tribesmen battled Eras and sealed her within the Ryusoul Calibur which was entombed under the Temple of the Beginning.


Despite being sealed, Eras drains the power from the Ryusoul Calibur for millions of years which eventually garners enough power to break free once the Ryusoulgers of present day unearth the sword and disrupt the seal placed upon her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 38: Temple of the Sky

Eras gaining a new body after absorbing Pricious.

After she awakens, Eras begins to create three new Druidon Generals; Yabasword and the Gunjoji brothers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 43: Mother of the Druidon

When the battle between the Ryusoulgers and the Druidon escalates, she makes Yabasword go berserk and attack both sides. Tvicon.png TV STORY- Ep. 45: Get Your Heart Back!

After Yabasword is destroyed by Pricious, the Ryusolgers soundly defeat Pricious who proclaims that he will kill them as is Eras' will. At this point, she reveals the shocking truth about the two tribe's origins to him much to his horror. When Wiserue reappears and tries to reconcile with Pricious, Eras decides that it is time to act so she creates a tendril that pierces through both Kleon and Pricious. Although Kleon is unharmed by the attack, the tendril drags Pricious in and Eras absorbs him. Eras's new body forms and she unleashes a blinding light that engulfs the Ryusoulgers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 46: Noble Kishiryu

The light puts all people on Earth, except the Druidons, into an eternal sleep with peaceful and happy dreams. While she is engaged by King KishiRyuOh, Kleon is able to wake the Ryusoulgers up. After using tendrils to capture all humans in the city, she fires an energy beam that turns it into a wasteland but King KishiRyuOh shields Kleon and the Ryusoulgers from the attack. Eras then releases more tendrils to attack the Ryusoulgers and successfully captures Melto, Asuna and Kleon, absorbing them into her body whilst the other Ryusoulgers retreat. Wiserue discovers that she plans to use the life-force of the captured humans to rejuvenate the barren Earth. On the next day, the captured trio are able to burst out of her chest by creating a Satan Minosaur. After eliminating the newly born Minosaur, Eras engages the transformed Ryusoulgers and quickly knocks them out of transformation. She then tries to convince them that what she is doing is good for everyone and for the planet but, when they make up their minds and confront her, she decides that they aren't needed in the new world as the final battle begins. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 47: Between Happiness and Despair

Engaging the Kishiryu mecha, Eras easily overwhelms and knocks them into their Kishiryu components. Eras is then stabbed in the chest by Koh using an enlarged Ryusoul Calibur which absorbs all of the Kishiryu. She is shrunken to human size as the Ryusoul Calibur breaks. Wounded and worn out, the Ryusolgers prepare for morph but their RyuSouls are burnt out so Eras uses a tendril to pierce and absorb Koh’s life-force to rejuvenate herself. As the Ryusoulgers are distressed with Koh's death, Eras decides to take her leave but they stop her and are repowered by their Kishiryu. In a lightless spirit world, Eras, in her core form, has a conversation with Koh's soul while her physical body fights the Ryusoulgers. Remembering how she created the Ryusoul Tribe but they had brought harm to her planet, she calls the Ryusoulgers fools and states she won't make the same mistake again. However, she becomes hesitant when Koh claims that the foolish mortals can learn from their mistakes and pass them on to the next generations which allows him comrades to fatally impale Eras with their Ryusoul Caliburs. Mortally wounded, a forlorn Eras wonders if that means that the planet doesn't need her anymore before dissolving into nothingness. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Final Ep.: The Will of the Earth


Although Koh was seemingly lost with Eras' death, the Kishiryu managed to rescue him and he survived as did Pricious who was soon found by Kleon and Wiserue.


Eras was once a kind and altruistic sentient being whom sought out peace. Over the course of time, however, her kind altruism converted to a passionate dogmatic extremism as she witnessed her creations the Ryusoul Tribe, who were supposed to uphold said peace, become maligned and warmongering entities, and the Druidon Tribe, who were created to exterminate the Ryusoul Tribe, seeking world domination. By Ryusoulger, she had grown disappointed at both sides contaminating her latest project and took it upon herself to remake it to her standards by sterilizing her experiment; converting the life force of its inhabitants to restore the damaged planet and start over. Despite this, she was not evil and her motives were altruistic as she believed that she was doing what the Earth needed despite how twisted her methods were.f


Powers and Abilities


  • Transcendent Physiology: Eras was a god-like being possessing immense power and the ability to create life.
    • Planetary Symbiosis: Initially, Eras was connected to the Earth itself to absorb the planet's energy and enhance her abilities. This power was lost once Eras created her own body by absorbing Pricious.
    • Sapient Race Creation: Being the originator of both the Ryusoul Tribe and the Druidon Tribe, Eras had the ability to create sentient beings.
    • Mind Control: Eras could take control of others and revert them to an aggressive and berserk state as shown when she placed Yabasword under her influence.
    • Power Absorption: During the millennia following her imprisonment, Eras slowly consumed the immense energy from the Ryusoul Calibur and from the very earth itself.
    • Energy Shield: In her sealed form, Eras could create a blue energy shield to protect herself before her awakening.
    • Memory Transfer: Eras could implant her own memories into the minds of others by projecting a small yellow energy ball into the back of their heads.
    • Tendril Creation: Eras could produce yellow energy tendrils to ensnare her opponents.
    • Biological Absorption: Eras could consume biological mass or matter into her body.
      • Transformation: After absorbing Pricious, Eras' core could morph into a superior and more powerful body.


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  • Vulnerability to Ryusoul Calibur: Eras was susceptible to the energy of the Ryusoul Calibur which sealed her in the past.


  • Due to being a lifeless ball in this form, Eras had no weapons.

Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: Eras was unfazed by multiple slashes from the Ryusoul Ken and even KishiRyuOh Pachygaroo's Boost Break Blow had no effect on her. Her chest was her only weak-point as the rest was inpenetrable.
  • Transcendent Physiology: Eras retained her transcendent physiology like before in her core form.
    • Resurrection: Like the Necromancer Minosaur, Eras could bring the dead back to life.
    • Size Manipulation: Eras could manipulate her own size at will, from human size to gigantic while retaining her physical proportions.
    • Tendril Creation: Eras could produce yellow energy tendrils like she did previously in her core form but this time, they come from the large tentacle-like appendage on the back of her head. In addition to ensnaring and throwing her opponents around with her tendrils, she got two new abilities with them:
      • Explosion Inducement: Through her energy tendrils, Eras could trigger an explosion by releasing enough heat.
      • Life-Force Absorption: Also through her energy tendril, Eras could drain the life force of a being and use it to replenish herself.
    • Disintegration Beam: Eras possessed enough raw energy to generate red-pink concentrated beams from her hand or chest. This was easily her most devastating and deadly attack since it can destroy an entire landscape or completely vaporize a being into dust with single blasts. Only King KishiRyuOh could endure the blast with partial damage.

      Eras' disintegration beam

    • Biological Absorption: Eras retained her ability to absorb biological mass or matter into her body like before in her core form.
      • Energy Drain: Anything inside of Eras was slowly drained of their energy and weakened.
    • Chlorogenesis: Eras could create energy-based trees to entrap the sleeping humans.

      Eras' tree construct

    • Mental Sedation: Eras had the ability to generate a blinding pale pink light that caused other beings to fall asleep instantly.
    • Life-Force Transferal: Eras could transfer the life force of humans into scorched earth to restore vegetation.
    • Fireballs: Eras could generate and launch fireballs from her hands.

Eras' explosion inducement

    • Energy Balls: Eras could also generate and launch multiple purple energy balls from her hands.
    • Pulse Generation: Eras can generate kinetic pulses from her body at will or with a snap of her fingers. This was strong enough to send King KishiRyuOh and KishiRyuOh Three Knights flying with one hit.
    • Lasers: Eras could generate and launch red lasers from the red spikes protruding from her body.


  • Levitation: As soon as Eras assumed her physical form, she was seen hovering in the air.


  • Vulnerability to Ryusoul Calibur: Eras was critically weakened after being attacked by the Ryusoul Calibur, shrinking down to human size and being weak enough that the Ryusoulgers easily defeated her.
  • Chest: After being shrunk down by the Ryusoul Calibur, a gaping wound appeared in the center of Eras' chest Striking her with the Kishiryu energy-infused Ryusoul Caliburs was able to ultimately kill her.


  • Claw Gauntlets: Eras had two three-pronged claw-like gauntlets on each arm in her physical form.


  • Attribute: Queen-type Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Wilderness of Creation
  • Classification: Eras

Behind the Scenes



  • Eras's design was based on a Queen chess piece and the red and black square patterns of a checkerboard.

Concept Art


  • Eras is Spanish for “ages”, referencing her ancient nature and her role in the creation of the Ryusoul and Druidon Tribes.


  • Eras was the only female member of the Druidon Tribe.
  • Eras was the first villain in Sentai history who had a benevolent motive rather than a malevolent one as her goal was to always protect the Earth through her creations.


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