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"Struggle all you want, but as long as I'm around, you'll be stuck like that forever!"

"No more fooling around! If I can't stick you together, I'll tear you apart!"
―Epoxar when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]

"I'm coming unglued!"
―Epoxar's final words before his death.[src]

Epoxar is a Nighlok who is able to shoot a special glue, from his shoulder, which remains sticky, for as long as he exists. He can also shoot beams from his eyes and wields a fork-like weapon. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode A Sticky Situation.


Epoxar first appears to attack the city, where he ends up attacking the Samurai Rangers. Mike and Kevin try to double-team him only for Epoxar to glue their hands together. Antonio arrives and attacks Epoxar, until the Nighlok retreats. Epoxar is scolded by Master Xandred for retreating, only for Serrator to intervene telling Xandred that two of the Rangers are in a "sticky situation." Octoroo then tells Epoxar to stick some humans together, in order to draw the other Rangers to him. He starts by using his glue on Bulk and Spike, while continuing his attack on the city. Epoxar completes his Ranger Trap, as the other Rangers head to Epoxar's location. The Rangers end up chasing Epoxar into his Ranger trap, where the paste then quickens, so that they won't be able to stop him from destroying the city. Mike and Kevin synchronize, in order to fight Epoxar, starting with them throwing a shopping cart to protect some people from the glue attack. Mike and Kevin use their attacks in double mode, until they use the Forest Spear to fling him into the air and the Hydro Bow to annihilate Epoxar, which undoes the glue he stuck on everyone. Epoxar then grows and prepares to crush Mike and Kevin with his staff but is blasted by the BullZord and mauled by the ClawZord as the others arrive. Kevin and Mike summon thier Zords so the Rangers combine into the Bull Megazord, the Claw Battlezord North, and the LightZord. The Bull Megazord counters Epoxar's glue attack with its shoulder blasters, as the Claw Battlezord North uses its Octo Spear to stab Epoxar and the Lightzord knocks him away with its Mega Spin Attack. Jayden then activates Shogun Mode and the Bull Megazord uses the Revolving Laser Blaster to destroy Epoxar. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Sticky Situation Epoxar also appears in flashback in the episode A Crack in the World. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Crack in the World


Epoxar was a cunning, manipulative and tricky Nighlok, who will not stop to destroy the Rangers with his plan. He was shown to be a cunning, calculating and manipulative with his plan to destroy the rangers with his traps. He was also arrogant, which led to his defeat. But he is also loyal to Serrator.

Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Lasers: Like most of the monster villains, Epoxar can shoot out yellow laser blasts from his eyes.
  • Gap Teleportation: Like most Nighloks, Epoxar can teleport using gaps.
  • Reviving and Enlarging: Like all other Nighloks, Epoxar possesses the ability to revive and enlarge himself at will.


  • Durability: Epoxar can resist multiple attacks from his opponents.
  • Strength: Epoxar was able to grab Kevin with his staff and throw him aside.


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  • Shoulder Glue Cannon: Epoxar is able to use a shoulder mounted cannon that launches globs of sticky glue. Anyone who comes in contact with the substance will be stuck until Epoxar is destroyed.
  • Fork Staff: Epoxar is able to wield a fork-like staff in battle for close-range combat.

Behind the Scenes



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  • While the official Facebook page's posts refer to him as "Epoxor", the credits spell his name "Epoxar".
  • Epoxar's name might be based on epoxy, a type of compound used in various adhesives (including glue). This could be a reference to how Epoxar uses glue as an attack.


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