1. Mega Mission - Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Gosei, Tensou, Ernie, Mr Burley, Admiral Malkor, Creepox and Vrak are introduced. The Mega Rangers gain their powers and first appearance of the Megaforce Blaster.
  2. He Blasted Me With Science - First appearance of the Gosei Mechazords and the Gosei Great Megazord
  3. Going Viral - First appearance of the Sea Brothers Zords and the Sea Megazord
  4. Stranger Ranger - First appearance of the Land Brothers Zords and the Land Megazord
  5. United We Stand - First appearance of the Sky Brothers Zords and the Sky Megazord
  6. Harmony and Dizchord
  7. Who's Crying Now? - First appearance of the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord and the final appearance of Creepox
  8. Robo Knight - Robo Knight, Bluefur and Bigs are introduced and the first appearance of the Lion Mechazord
  9. Prince Takes Knight - First appearance of the Knight Brothers Zords and the Gosei Grand Megazord
  10. Man and Machine - First appearance of the Gosei Great Grand Megazord
  11. Ultra Power - First appearance of Ultra Mode, the Mega Rangers' power-up
  12. Last Laugh
  13. Dream Snatcher
  14. Gosei Ultimate - First appearance of the Gosei Ultimate Megazord and the final appearance of Bluefur and Bigs
  15. The Human Factor - The first appearance of Metal Alice
  16. Rico the Robot
  17. Staying on Track - The first appearance of the Gosei Jet and the Gosei Jet Megazord
  18. The Human Condition - The final appearance of Admiral Malkor
  19. The Messenger - The first appearance of The Messenger. The Armada is also shown for the first time in the final scene
  20. End Game - The final appearance of Metal Alice and The Messenger. The first appearance of The Armada's foot soldiers, the X-Borgs and Bruisers.
  21. Raising Spirits
  22. The Robo Knight Before Christmas
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