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Episode FINAL: You Guys Shined[1] (君たちがいて輝いた Kimitachi ga ite Kagayaita) is the forty-fifth and final episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It is the final episode of the show's four-part finale and features the final defeat and death of Emperor Yodon and Yodonna, as well as a brief reappearance of Shadon (via flashback). Although it is only via illustration, the Zenkaigers make a brief cameo in this episode.


Juru has returned. Galza was the one who saved him from the pit of darkness and despair after falling at the hands of Emperor Yodon's vicious attack. The darkness that opposed Juru so many times regained its brilliance in the end. Finding meaning within Galza's tragic and ephemeral life, Juru received the strength to fight for life as Carantula mourns the end of his ally. No one has ever survived going against Emperor Yodon. However, that history is all about to change thanks to Tametomo, Sena, Shiguru, Sayo, Takamichi, and Juru. These are the six shining warriors who were able to change the hearts of their enemies. Meanwhile at CARAT HQ, Mabushina, Mr. Hakataminami, and all the Mashin proudly watch over their beloved team members. "Emperor Yodon, we are the heroes who protect this Earth! Mashin Sentai Kiramager! And we won't let you have your way!"


As the six Kiramagers reunite, Emperor Yodon also regenerates. Carantula comments that as long as the emperor's mask remains intact, he cannot be defeated. He also tells the Kiramagers that Yodon would only take his mask off to feed on their corpses once he defeats them, which angers Takamichi. However, this information gives Juru an idea.

In Emperor Yodon's mind, a dying Yodonna asks what she is to him. The emperor reminisces that he was a snake born from the sea of corruption. After forging and donning his very first mask, Yodon defeated countless foes, who then became his food. As he grew powerful, his mind created two new personalities, Yodonna and Shadon, symbolizing the abhorred companionship that he subconsciously yearned for. Thus, Yondonna represents the weakness in his heart. Hearing that, Yodonna is pleased that with her death, the emperor will become unstoppable. As Yodonna dies and her mask disintegrates, Emperor Yodon celebrates that he is now a singular existence.

At that moment, Mashin Jouki appears and rams into him, but the villain easily repels it. Kiramaizin and Drijan engage the emperor, determining to destroy his mask with all their Kiramental. Mashin Mach, Shovellow, Helico and Jetter take turn to hit the mask with their attacks, which is followed by a Gigant Crash from Drijan, knocking the emperor down. However, Yodon easily stands back up, which shocks the Rangers. He then throws a supercharged Yodon Destroyer at the two robots and seemingly kills them. Pleased with his victory and the defeat of his foes, Emperor Yodon takes his mask off, ready to devour his enemies' remains. Suddenly, unseen attacks hit him and knocks the mask out of his hand. From another direction of the battlefield, Kiramaizin and Drijan appear out of nowhere, completely unscratched. A confused Yodon demands explanation from the heroes. Juru reveals himself at Yodon's feet, holding Illusia Kanaema Stone. The Red Ranger explains that while the team attacked the emperor, he secretly approached and used the stone to cast an illusion on him, making him think that he had defeated them and fooling him into removing his mask. With his mask removed, Emperor Yodon is hit with a real Gigant Crash from Drijan, which destroys his giant form and shrinks the villain to a normal size.

Angered by this sudden development, Emperor Yodon calls the heroes insects, who are nothing but his food. However, Princess Mabushina appears and rebukes his claim, reminiscing how heroic and wonderful the six have been. Six Kiramagers perform once last roll calls before putting their helmets on. Yodon summons several powerful Bechats to assist him fight the Rangers. As a tactical thinker, Kiramai Yellow directs Blue, Pink and Silver to take care of the grunts, while he, Red and Green wait for their chance. Sena is given the Destoria Stone while Juru is asked to charge the Kiraful Go Arrow. As the Yondonheim's line of defense gets thinner, Tametomo sees an opening to the emperor, so he tells Sena to ram the stone at him. However, Yodon easily blocks her attempt and knocks the stone out of her hand. Tametomo uses Kiramai Shot to bounce the falling stone up. Seizing the opportunity that Tametomo created, Juru then fires the Kiraful Go Arrow through it, creating a Sparkling Phoenix Destoria Special finisher, which hits the despotic emperor on the head. In utter disbelief that he was defeated by mere humans, Yodon curses the Kiramagers before finally collapsing and exploding in a massive fireball, restoring all the corrupted humans, including Mizuki Kakihara, back to normal. With Emperor Yodon's death, the Yodonheim threat to Earth, Crystallia, and indeed the whole universe is finally over. The Kiramagers and Mabushina later celebrate their ultimate victory.

The drawing of the Kiramager team

Three months later, Juru, using a special projector device developed by CARAT, is able to remotely communicate with his teammates at CARAT headquarters. Juru informs them that Carantula, who is now in charge of Yodonheim and focusing on painting, has promised that the empire would never invade other worlds again, much to the other Kiramagers' surprise. He then asks what they were discussing, to which they answer that they were talking about his mysterious synchronization with King Oradin. However, they come to a conclusion that his synchronization was nothing but a lovely coincidence, much to his disappointment. Mabushina and Takamichi finally appear as projections in the room, but the Kiramai Stones are unable to be displayed. Muryou decides to reverse the display and project the Kiramagers to Crystalia instead. The heroes are happy to reunite with their Kiramai Stones. Mabushina makes an announcement that, after Crystalia Kingdom was restored by the Kanaema Stones, she has decided to step in as the new queen of the kingdom, since their father is still a bird and their mother is still a headdress. She also announces that Crystalia Kingdom has made gigantic statues of the five Kiramages to honor their heroic feats. As the Rangers admire their monument, Mizuki appears in the projection and complains to Juru about his new drawing of her, which is dwarfed by a drawing of some mysterious team. Juru explains that the drawing was inspired by his Kiramental. Mizuki drags Juru out of the meeting to make him draw another one for her, which makes his teammates surprised and delighted. As Juru is so inspired, he runs around the playground in joy as his girlfriend chases after him. The episode (and season) concludes with Juru's drawing of all six Kiramagers, their Kiramai Stones and their allies.


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Juru's sketch of the Zenkaigers

  • In a first for the Super Sentai series, the next Sentai team is acknowledged within the final episode's story rather than just the handoff tag, with Juru sketching the Zenkaigers in his sketchbook before the end of the episode.
  • Clips from Mashin Sentai Kiramager The Movie: Bee-Bop Dream and various other episodes appear in the flashback.
  • This is the first finale since Shinkenger where the standard opening is used instead of a shorter version.
    • This is also the first time since the finale of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, where their respective last bosses teleported into the human world and finally defeated by their ultimate weapons (Gokai Silver uses the Special Final Wave to finish Ackdos Gill, while Kiramai Red fired the Kiraful Go Arrow through Destoria Stone to hit Emperor Yodon's head).

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