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Episode 6: Suddenly Turning 5 Years Old (ツレが5才になりまちて Tsure ga Gosai ni Nari Machite) is the sixth episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It features the debut of Land Mage Lifton & Rolland.


People have been suddenly disappearing from the city. The Kiramagers rush to the location to see a camera monster photographing people who then vanish instantaneously. The Kiramagers decide to engage this creature in battle, when in the midst of their confrontation, Galza decides to appear and make matters worse. Sena and Shiguru are both shot by the camera and vanish, as Sayo takes on Galza's attacks alone. Juru rushes to Sayo's side to wake her up, but when she opens her eyes she doesn't recognize any of them. This may be the greatest predicament the Kiramagers have faced yet.


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