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Episode 41: I Want to Be As I Am (ありのままでいたい Arinomamade Itai) is the forty-first episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


Carantula's latest Jamen Monster, Wire Jamen, was also a massive failure. As an entity who creates the Jamen Monsters, Carantula not only seeks to make them strong, but also unique. Meanwhile, Yodonna accuses Carantula of not making them strong enough because he prioritizes their unique qualities. Carantula wants to snap back, but realizes he is in a slump as of late and its really been keeping him down. Has Carantula lost the tenacity he used to have after he lost the rap battle from before? With Yodonna wearing him down, and with his pride on the line, Carantula decides to make "the strongest and most evil Jamen Monster ever". Its name is... "Maneki-neko is so evil! Meeeeow~!"


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