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Episode 38: Watching My Uncle's Moon (叔父の月を見ている Oji no Tsuki o Mite iru) is the thirty-eighth episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It marks the seventh episode of the Kanaema Stones story arc.[1]


The Kiramagers rush to the scene after receiving a distant Yodon Reaction Alarm in the city. What was rampaging there was none other than the Mushiba Jamen. It seems that they are collecting dark energy by giving people cavities. The Kiramagers engage it in battle, but find its head impossible to break without the Shiny Breaker. To make matters worse, Tametomo, Sena, and Sayo are all hit by the cavity beam one after the other. They need Takamichi's help immediately, but Takamichi, who was busy searching for the location of the 4th Kanaema Stone, was about to engage in a traditional Crystallian duel, the Graduel.


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