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Episode 32: There's Something About Sayo (小夜に首ったけ Sayo ni Kubittake) is the thirty-second episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. This features the first appearance of the Yodon Ivy Seed.


"Sayo is on a date?!" At CARAT HQ, everyone is astonished by Tametomo's words as it generates much excitement and enthusiasm. It seems that Sayo was invited to dinner from an old medical classmate of hers, and he has something important to tell her. Could it be a proposal and will Sayo accept it? If it's an emotional confession of love, how surprising would it be? Everyone has their own thoughts in what it could really be. Meanwhile, a Yodon reaction was detected, and the Kiramagers are dispatched to it at once. When they arrived at the scene, they noticed a Jamen Monster telling people riddles. On the other hand in Yodonheim, Carantula wasn't producing any Jamen Creatures. Apparently, there seems to be a specific kind of Jamen Creature that is necessary to Carantula's "History's Greatest Strategy".


Sayo is invited to a date by Yūjin Kusaka, a handsome classmate, from the time she was in the American Medical College, with she recently reunited. Yujin, who is active as a young specialist in the genetic field, says he wants to show something in Saya. She expected him to confess his feelings, but Yujin can't say it easily.

Meanwhile, the evil Nazokake Jamen appears, but the other Kiramagers arrive with Sayo missing, not knowing she's is in a date. However, if the mystery caused by Nazokake Jamen cannot be solved, it cannot be touched either. Thus, the mystery cannot be solved by the Kiramagers, and their attempts to damage its head fail.

The next day, Sayo, who was called by Yujin, was shown what was in the genetic laboratory. Yujin was a genetic engineering program to promote the growth of plants under study, but the mystery of the final stage cannot be solved. After seeing the data, Sayo immediately solved the mystery and completed the program. Then, the seed under study grows rapidly and becomes huge.

Yodonna appears there. The giant seed is the Yodon Ivy seed, which had been genetically modified to grow rapidly in the Earth's environment under Yujin. When Yodon Ivy germinates, it scatters the harmful substance Yodomium, corrupting the Earth's soil by transforming it like Yodonheim's. Yujin, who realized that he could not match the scientific power of Yodonheim, was deceived by Yodonna's words that only he and Sayo could survive, and need to cooperate. Yujin decides to go to inform Juuru and his friends while Sayo is stopping Yodonna.

The Kiramagers, who won the quirky battle with Nazokake Jamen, listened to Yujin and headed for Sayo. Galza landed on Atamald and declared the start of the biggest operation. Three evil beasts, Tank Ligany, Shield Shellga, and Sengoku Basra, who protect the seeds of Yodon Ivy, appear and begin to destroy the city.


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  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider SaberIcon-crosswiki.png episode 11, Chapter 11: Disturbed Thunder, Spreading Dark Clouds.Icon-crosswiki.png
  • Pre-Credits Scene: Carantula introduces the Jamen Beasts and hints the battle in the next episode.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the film Bobby's in Deep (ボビーに首ったけ Bobī ni Kubittake, aka. Bobby's Girl) (a 1985 Japanese animated movie distributed by Toei Pictures), aside to the movie There's Something About Mary (メリーに首ったけ Merī ni Kubittake).
  • This is the first episode since episode 22 to feature Kiraful Miracle Kiramager as the ending theme, as episodes 23-31 featured special songs as a part of the nine-week Kiramai Music Festival. This is also the first episode with a pre-credits scene since said episode.
  • This is the first episode to feature more than one Jamen Beast.
  • Kiyotaka Taguchi from the Ultra series serves as the director for this episode and the next episode. Taguchi is noted for his preference of special effects inspired from various Kaiju movies.

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