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Episode 31: Toys (おもちゃ Omocha) is the thirty-first episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


Juru suddenly wakes up inside Kiramaizin, but strangely he was fighting a monster several hours ago. When he gets up and looks outside, it seems like he's been transported to some jungle location. Neither the Mashin who were fighting together, or GigantDriller can understand exactly what is going on. Suddenly, a huge cat attacks them. Wait... a cat in the jungle? Mashin Fire then notices that "Juru, apparently we have gotten smaller", as they all can't hide their astonishment as Shovellow motions towards a giant empty can as the area surrounding them is nothing but grass. The thought that they have become smaller starts to truly hit them in that moment. Just then, a huge parent and child appear towering over Kiramaizin and GigantDriller.


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Go Kiramai Yellow's gem has a left-leaning gemmed armor.

  • When Tametomo transforms into Go Kiramai Yellow, he gets the left-leaning gemmed armor, instead of the central-gemmed one, even though he is the one using the Kiraful Go Arrow.


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