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Episode 30: Proud Super Warrior (誇り高き超戦士 Hokori Takaki Chōsenshi) is the thirtieth episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


Mashin Hakobu and Mashin Oradin have successfully joined the Kiramagers. They joke in the HQ about needing some more fellow warriors. However, Mr. Hakataminami is silently staring off in the distance. Just what is he thinking about behind those glasses of his? Later on, the Kiramagers respond to an emergency alert of a Jamen Monster and rush to the scene, expecting to end the battle quickly with the Kiraful Go Arrow as Go Kiramagers. However, when they attempt to summon the weapon, nothing comes. Mr. Hakataminami exclaims: "It's my turn now... I made a promise to King Oradin...", and walks away with the Kiraful Go Arrow in hand. "A promise with my father...?" Takamichi wonders as he suddenly starts to feel nervous. "Maybe he's... maybe he's trying to become the 7th Kiramager?!" Juru exclaims to the others, who can't contain their surprised reactions.


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