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Episode 2: Leader Certification (リーダーの証明 Rīdā no Shōmei) is the second episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It features the debut of Land Mage and Sky Mage.


Juru Atsuta, who was chosen to be the fifth Kiramager, is put in uniform and taken by Mabushina to CARAT headquarters for the first time. He is greeted by the other four members and Mr. Hakataminami, who all congratulate him by saying "Let's work well together, leader!" Huh? What?! Did they just call him their leader? In Crystalia, there is apparently a rule that states whoever is chosen by the Red Kiramai Stone will become the leader of the Kiramagers. It's not like he could say no, but just then the enemy initiates yet another sudden attack. Yodonheim's invasion apparently waits for no one. A strange monster with the head of a rugby ball has destroyed a section of the Kiramager's own city, claiming that a "Rugby Match of Hell" was about to begin. As the Kiramagers start to charge into battle, Juru tries to act like a leader.


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Manga book resembling lupinranger

Good Three manga series

  • This episode reveals the name of the show's main villain and Yodonheim's overlord; Emperor Yodon.
    • Yodon's apparent silhouette appears in the opening.
  • At one point, Princess Mabushina can be seen reading a manga series titled Good Three (グッドスリー Guddosurī), written by Shiho Ichinose. The characters on the covers highly resemble the Lupinrangers.
    • Coincidentally, Sena's surname also shares the same phonetic spelling as that of Umika.
  • This episode title is based on both Never Give Up (野性の証明 Yasei no shōmei) and Proof of the Man (人間の証明 Ningen no Shōmei) that were directed by Junya Sato and produced by Haruki Kadokawa.

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