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Episode 25: That Cute Shrine Maiden (可愛いあの巫女 Kawaii ano Miko) is the twenty-fifth episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It marks the fifth episode of the Kanaema Stones story arc featuring the first appearance of Yodonna.


It is said that the Kanaema Stones can grant any wish when all four are gathered. Takamichi, who was searching for the Kanaema Stones in order to free Mabushina of her curse, now changes his intentions to rebuilding Crystallia, and sets out to find the remaining two Stones. Following the notes written within Oraddin's notebook, Takamichi comes upon an old shrine said to contain the legend of a mythical phoenix within. Apparently there are two treasures that lie inside, and this shrine was also a place that Juru used to frequent a lot as a child. Juru was excited to see the maiden of the shrine once again, but the atmosphere suddenly changed around her. "I have come here after sensing a great power from within." The two are confused by her mysterious remarks, just when suddenly Tametomo's gaze becomes sparkling and fixated on the cute maiden of the shrine.


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