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Episode 24: Let's Start A Band! (バンドしちゃうぞ! Bando Shi Chau zo!) is the twenty-fourth episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It features the debut of Kiramaizin Zabyun Magnum and Zabyun Spear Mode.


A member of Sayo's band of doctors, "Ishikan", was injured due to a sound wave being emitted from one of their speakers. Sayo and the others were trying to write some encouraging lyrics in their next song to try to help motivate a patient named Yukiya who is about to undergo surgery. Sayo feels even more disappointed than Yukiya but tries to hide her feelings behind a strong face. "Everyone! Let's start a band!" Juru takes the lead, and the Kiramai Band was formed. Sayo thanks everyone who decided to join her band, but just as things are starting up, Sayo assumes her intensive demonic coaching form.


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