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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of nudity. Viewer discretion is advised!

Episode 14: Lonely Ace (孤高のエース Kokō no Ēsu) is the fourteenth episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It features the debut of Mashin Duston and Kiramaizin Duston.


After defeating the Monster with his new powerful Super Heavy Machine Drijan, Takamichi starts to become more uplifting as a new member of the Kiramagers. However, he declares that searching for treasures is still his top priority. Juru decides to join up with Takamichi to find out more about the kind of treasures he seems to be searching for, but Takamichi keeps giving him the cold shoulder. Eventually, both of them come upon a newfound Kiramai Stone, but Takamichi isn't interested in it at all. Apparently, Kiramai Stones aren't the kinds of treasures that he's searching for. Takamichi has an unmoving reaction as Juru excitedly brings the Kiramai Stone back to base to make it another one of his friends. However, there was also a Yodonheim signal detected in the city, as a Monster with a locomotive for a face faces them in the morning. They were just about to engage him in a fight, when he turns around and says "I have no time to fight you guys right now!" What on Earth is he planning? Kiramai Silver, who suddenly rushes into battle against him, decides to face him directly, one-on-one.


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  • Viewership: TBA
  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider Zero-OneIcon-crosswiki.png episode 38, I'm 1000% Your FriendIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Pre-Credits Scene: Takamichi finishes cleaning all of the Mashins before Juru got a chance to help, much to the latter's dismay.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the film The Lone Scalpel (孤高のメス Kokō no Mesu), a 2010 medical drama film produced by Toei.
  • The opening sequence has been updated with Takamichi and the Super Heavy Machine Drijan.
    • The ending sequence now includes Takamichi.
  • References to GorengerToQger and Ryusoulger are present.
  • This episode marks the official addition of Takamichi Crystalia to the team.
  • From this episode, characters seen in Kiramager start to wear masks to protect themselves from COVID-19, the main exceptions being the main cast.
  • The jersey Muryou is seen with in this episode resembles a Baltimore Ravens home jersey.

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