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Episode 11: Time is Looping (時がクルリと Toki ga Kururito) is the eleventh episode of Mashin Sentai Kiramager.[1] It features the debut of Kiramaizin Express. Kiramai Silver makes a in-series brief appearance at the end of the episode.


"You've been cursed!" Everyone's been talking about e-sports' number 1 player, and Tametomo's rival, Yojiro Kawada. After losing an intense match, Yojiro pulls his hair out and walks out. "Wait, get up from that bed for a second," yells Sena as she is looking for her wallet as others walk into the HQ. Just then, Mr. Hakataminami walks in with a cake to celebrate Helico's birthday, just when a Yodon Appearance alarm goes off. What a day! Standing before them is a Jamen Monster with two masks on his face. "Let's finish this quick so we can go celebrate Helico's birthday!" However, a furious Tametomo suddenly lunges at the Jamen Monster, causing them to get tangled up in his mantle.

Just then, Yojiro pulls his hair out at the e-sports event yet again. Sena is still looking for her wallet in the HQ, and a Yodon Appearance alarm goes off once Mr. Hakataminami comes in with a cake. What is going on here? Events are unfolding over and over again without any indication. Has time been looped? Is Yojiro's cure real? However, it isn't just time that's getting looped, also their thoughts. Can Tametomo find a way to escape in time?


First scene opens with Tametomo playing Tekken 7 for an E-Sport game competition, fighting against Yojiro. It is said by the announcer that Tametomo is not using his ace card player, Kazuya Mishima and winning against Yojiro with Panda as his character. After moments of winning the match, Yojiro is completely pissed off and cursing Tametomo after the closing of the E-Sport arena by taking some of his hair, much of Tametomo's surprise.

Tametomo returns to the CARAT base with Sena yells at him to be in the way, Juru explains that Sena has lost her wallet. Seconds later, Fire announces a Kiramai Quiz, giving a question to the group about which one of the Mashins is celebrating their birthday. Shiguru is surprised that they have a birthday and Juru randomly guess that it is Jetter, but the correct answer is Helico. Then, Muryou enters the room with the birthday cake and right after Sena has found her wallet. But not for long, the alarm goes off and tells the location of their enemy coordinate. The team off immediately and encounter the next foe is the Reset Button Jamen. The fight is interrupted only in a second because Jamen slips and tackles Tametomo with him return in a time with Yojiro is just about to take his hair.

Tametomo in confusion letting things go through until the fight with Jamen. After Jamen got defeated, Tametomo is caught on another time loop, this second time of time loop soon giving him a clue that it must be Yojiro's fault that he is in a time loop. During the third time loop, Tametomo prevents Yojiro to take his hair and freely advance any incoming event. But just when Jamen is about to be defeated, Tametomo is trapped on the fourth time loop. Tametomo realizes that it is not Yojiro's fault, but Jamen has a button on his head to reset the time. During the fourth loop, Tametomo explains the power of the Jamen which is surprising him and realized that the reason of why Tametomo's memory is not affected because in the first time loop, he is the one who pressed the button. Tametomo makes a haste on destroying the button with a Kiramai shot, only with making another time loop as the result.

Tametomo is frustated as he can't do anything and let everything to keep looping, but he knows that he can't let the loop to keep on happening because Jamen will learn and becoming better in the fight. Thinking that he is on his limit, he gets out from the CARAT base and takes a fresh air. Juru comes to cheer him up and showing how better he is when getting serious, indicating that Tametomo is not serious yet in the fight. Tametomo is initially not understand of the not serious part until he realizes the feeling of Yojiro. During a certain loop, Tametomo calls for Yojiro and tells him for a serious Tekken fight. Tametomo wins the fight in a Perfect score, but Yojiro is not disappointed and said that he fells great to have his opponent goes serious and able to leave the E-Sport world without regret. This gives him an idea on how to stop Jamen.

Next, Tametomo makes a rush on everytime Jamen is coming. He doesn't let Jamen to learn any move and proceed to use finisher with any idea comes up to him before Jamen able to think a better idea to avoid it. With the looping keeps going on, Jamen soon tired and decided to stop, giving his button to Tametomo and retreat. This infuriates Galza and kills Jamen immediately. Short after, Carantula summons the giant beast with Jamen power, but getting destroyed in an instant.

On the next day, Tametomo just returns to the base and shocks that there is a birthday party for a Mashin. But it is for Mach, making his worry to disappear. However, Mabushina feels a strong presence and the viewer is shown the silhouette of a warrior with a drill.


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  • Viewership: TBA
  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider Zero-OneIcon-crosswiki.png episode 35.5, How Was MetsubouJinrai Created?Icon-crosswiki.png.
  • Pre-Credits Scene: Tametomo holds the button that Reset Button Jamen gave him, wondering what to do with it. Suddenly, Mabushina sees the button and thought it would make a great buzzer for a quiz, only for Tametomo to frantically tell her not to touch it.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to film Tobi ga kururi to (鳶がクルリと), a 2005 movie produced by Toei Company.
  • The game Tametomo and Yojiro play in the competition is Tekken 7 on the PlayStation 4. Tametomo is playing as Panda, while Yojiro plays as Yoshimitsu. While in Rematch, Tametomo is playing as Kazuya Mishima.
  • This is the first new episode to air following the show's hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In place, a televised broadcast of Episode ZERO, a series of recap episodes, and a director's cut of Episodes 1 and 2 were produced and aired to fill broadcast time.
  • During the repeated Shovellow scenes, he references Ryusoulger with "Que bom", Hurricaneger with "Shusshutto", and Ninninger with "Splendid"!
  • The jersey Muryou wore resembles an away game jersey used by the NFL team, the Washington Redskins.

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