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Breakout Goseigers (ブレイクアウト・ゴセイジャー Bureikuauto Goseijā) is the sixth episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger. It features the first encounter between Alata and Dereputa of the Meteor since the opening episode prologue and the first appearance of the Landick Brothers.


Alata tries to learn a gymnastic move to prove to Nozomu he can do it too even as Dereputa begins targeting him once again.


Finding Nozomu in the dumps about being teased for not being able to do pull-ups, Alata help him out by attempting it himself. But the boy runs off before Alata arrives to the others' aid against the super-fast Ylabungora Alien Hidou of the Swift Runner. Though Gosei Red manages to cripple Hidou with his ability to feel the wind, Dereputa intervenes and overpowers him before he leaves as the others join in.

Later, as the others train to master Alata's ability so they can counter Hidou's speed, they learn from Nozomu that Alata is attempting pull-ups despite his injuries before Datas contacts them concerning Warstar activity. While the others fight Hidou, Alata battles Dereputa and manages a pull-up to catch the villain off guard and defeat him before Dereputa escapes. Returning to the others after they use the Seaick Headders to defeat Hidou, Gosei Great is formed to fight the enlarged Universal Insect Monster. But overwhelmed by his speed, and Gosei Red unable to fight any further, the Landick siblings take control to chase down Hidou.

Refusing to give up, the Landick siblings gain the Landick Brothers who combine unto to Gosei Great to form Landick Gosei Great who catches up to Hidou and defeats him. Later, vowing to train harder to defeat Dereputa as he finds Nozomu attempting pull-ups, Alata and the Gosei Angels cheer him on from afar.


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Goseiger DVD Vol 2

Goseiger Volume 2, DVD cover

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Volume 2 features episodes 5-8: Epic 5: Magical Hyde, Epic 6: Breakout Goseigers, Epic 7: Protect the Earth! and Epic 8: Gosei Power, Out of Control. [1]

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