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Strong Alata (ストロング・アラタ Sutorongu Arata) is the fortieth episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger. It is the conclusion of a two-part story regarding Alata time-traveling to prior to the destruction of Heaven's Tower.


While the Goseigers deal with an onslaught from Robogog in the present, Alata must unite the three tribes to show their common bond to defeat Bakutofūji-ER in the past.


At the Amachi Astronomical Institute, the Gosei Angels are shocked with the turn of events as Nozomu tells them and Gosei Knight that Alata is still alive and that they have to work harder until he gets back. While having lunch, Datas reveals that Alata is in the past, much to everyone's shock, as he then alerts them to a Matrintis attack. In the past, Alata has trouble getting Hyde and the Landick siblings to help him protect Heaven's Tower from the upcoming Warstar invasion. He goes alone, only to find Bakutofūji-ER is also trapped in the past, and he overpowers Alata in battle. After meeting Nozomu as he wants to thank Alata for his help, the other Gosei Angels arrive to his aid. Though inexperienced, Gosei Red encourages his teammates as they manage to damage Bakutofūji-ER's clock, forcing the Matroid and Alata back into their original time with their actions in the past undone. Back in the present, the Gosei Angels are astonished to find Robogōgu with Metal-Alice and a repaired Buredo-RUN as they assume their Super Goseiger forms. Much to Metal-Alice's shock, Robogōgu battles the Super Goseigers and Gosei Knight himself with the intent on getting more data on them. In the middle of the fight, Alata returns along with Bakutofūji-ER. As the other Goseigers battle Buredo-RUN and Gosei Knight fights Metal-Alice, Super Gosei Red battles Robogōgu one-on-one physically and morally. The fight ends in a stalemate and a satisfied Robogōgu takes his leave as Metal-Alice enlarges Bakutofūji-ER, again. Ground Gosei Great is formed and together they destroy the Matroid using the Ground Great Strike. Later, Nozomu welcomes Alata back before learning that Alata's childhood dream is to protect the world and now he dreams that everyone is doing the same.


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Goseiger DVD Vol 10

Goseiger Volume 10, DVD cover

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Volume 10 features episodes 37-40: Epic 37: Excited Moune, Epic 38: Alice vs. Gosei Knight, Epic 39: Epic Zero, and Epic 40: Strong Alata. [1]

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