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Landick Power, Divided (ランディックパワー、分裂 Randikku Pawā, Bunretsu) is the third episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger.


Moune desperately tries to prove herself to her older brother Agri, even as it leads to trouble for the Landicks against a freezing Warstar Insect.


As the Skick Gosei Angels move in with Nozomu as his dad's astronomy assistants, the Landick siblings finish setting up camp in the mountainside before training. However, in the middle of training, the siblings get into an argument over Moune's fighting skills before sensing the attack from Yuzeikusu of the Ice & Snow. Gosei Yellow battles the Universal Insect Monster on her own before Agri intervenes as the Skick Gosei Angels and Hyde arrive to fight the Bibi Soldiers. But after Moune gets hurt when her Rockrush Card is deflected back at her, Agri forces Yuzeikusu to fall back as the male Goseigers pursue before the Bibi Soldiers interfere.

Later, Agri and Moune get into another argument over her using an imperfect Tensou Skill. In retrospect to what Nozomu's father said to him earlier, Alata suggests to the others that they move in with them at the Amachi Astronomical Institute. The Landick Goseigers refuse before Moune runs off to fight Yuzeikusu to make herself look better to her brother. By the time she finds Yuzeikusu, she fights him in a battle she cannot win. Elsewhere, Agri looks for Moune as Alata offers his aid and helps him realize the importance of friends as they find Moune.

After Agri convinces her to let them help, the Goseigers battle Yuzeikusu together by completely clipping the Universal Insect Monster's wings. Moune wounds him before the team forms the Gosei Buster to finish the fight. The Bibi Bugs enlarge Yuzeikusu, and the Goseigers form Gosei Great to fight the Universal Insect Monster with the Snake and Tiger Headders before finishing him. Soon after, Hyde and the Landick Gosei Angels move into the Amachi Astronomical Institute.


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Goseiger DVD Vol 1

Goseiger Volume 1, DVD cover

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Volume 1 features episodes 1-4: Epic 1: The Gosei Angels Descend, Epic 2: Fantastic Goseigers, Epic 3: Landick Power, Divided and Epic 4: Echo, Song of the Angels. [1]


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