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Romantic Eri (ロマンティック・エリ Romantikku Eri) is the thirtieth episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger.


Eri becomes trapped within a dream-stealing Yuumajuu where she becomes the only hope of those who have lost their way.


A week after Buredoran's defeat, the Gosei Angels worry about the Yuumajuu as Eri prepares for the Gosei Festival with the traditional Expandream Cards. Meanwhile, Makuin and Kinggon find Erumugaimu of the Baku who eats the dreams of people in their sleep. They use the Erurei Box on him to test its powers, strengthening him and allowing him to attack people while they are awake, eating their souls to cause their comatose bodies to grow roots of despair that rot the planet. When the Goseigers discover his appearance, they and Gosei Knight fight Erumugaimu until he attacks Gosei Pink, devouring her soul and trapping her in his stomach. While inside, however, Eri has a dream within Erumugaimu, saving her from falling into a deep despair. The other Goseigers allow Eri to save Erumugaimu's victims from within him, leaving Gosei Knight confused on the nature of dreams, while they gather up her spare Expandream Cards to attempt to lure Erumugaimu into a trap. The other Goseigers transform into the Super Goseigers as Eri manages to save everyone inside Erumugaimu, giving the Yuumajuu indigestion as all of his victims are expelled from his body. Eri transforms into Super Gosei Pink and with Gosei Knight they defeat the Yuumajuu with a Super Sky/Knight Dynamic combo. The Yuumajuu revives and the Goseigers form Skick Gosei Great and Gosei Ground to fight him at his larger size. They overwhelm the Yuumajuu before combining into Ground Gosei Great to destroy him. The Gosei Angels begin their Gosei Festival celebrations, and Eri makes a wish for Gosei Knight to finally discover what a dream is. Elsewhere, Makuin and Kinggon proceed to take their studies on the Erurei Box to the next level.


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DVD releases

Goseiger Volume 8, DVD cover

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Epic 29: The Goseigers are Sealed!, Epic 30: Romantic Eri, Epic 31: Never Give Up, Goseigers!, and Epic 32: Perform the Ultimate Miracle!. [1]

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