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Wake Up Agri! (目覚めろ、アグリ! Mezamero, Aguri!) is the twenty-seventh episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger.


A Yuumajuu exposes Agri's insecurities making him believe that the other Goseiger find him worthless to their team.


After being released with a warning, Buredoran learns that Kinggon is intending to replace him with his old friend Jogon of the Ningyo, who plants his seashells on people to deceive them into thinking people are talking behind their backs. The Goseigers fight him, with Gosei Black hit by the monster as he escapes when Gosei Knight arrives. Later, after Agri takes a shower, he begins to feel Jogon's effects as he believes that the other Gosei Angels are talking about him behind his back. As the others are forced to deal with the Bibi Soldiers, Agri becomes depressed as Gosei Knight arrives and forces Agri to attack him before he exposes Jogon from his hiding spot. By then, Kinggon arrives after being unknowingly put under Jogon's spell thanks to Buredoran's scheme to put him out of Makuin's favor. When the others arrive, they are powerless against Kinggon as Gosei Knight gives Agri the will to fight and break Jogon's spell. Becoming Super Gosei Black, Agri overpowers Kinggon as the other Goseigers assume their Super forms and combine their Tensouders with the Gosei Tensword to form the Super Tensword, which they use to execute their Miracle Gosei Dynamic attack to defeat him and Jogon. After Jogon is enlarged by a contented Buredoran, the Yuumajuu falls to the teamwork of Landick Gosei Great and Gosei Ground. As Agri is relieved that his friends never really talked behind his back, Buredoran delights over messing with a battered Kinggon.


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Goseiger Volume 7, DVD cover

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Volume 7 features episodes 25-28: Epic 25: Nostalgic Moune, Epic 26: The Laughing Gosei Angels, Epic 27: Wake Up Agri!, and Epic 28: A Father's Treasure. [1]