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Fall In Love Goseigers (フォーリンラブ・ゴセイジャー Fōrin Rabu Goseijā) is the twentieth episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger.


The Goseiger take on a challenge to help a boy get a girl to go out with him as a Yuumajuu uses its power to ruin lovers.


Meeting a lovesick high school student named Takuya, the Gosei Angels are drafted by Nozomu to aid the high school boy in winning the love of Mizuki Takazaki, a girl in his school. While that occurs, Makuin revives Pesaranza of the Keseran-Pasaran, whose specialty is devouring the persistent love in human hearts. The next day, as Takuya tries to win Mizuki's heart with the Gosei Angels' aid, Pesaranza starts feeding off of the love of people by making them love crazy. Finding Gosei Knight as he confronts Pesaranza, the Goseigers stop him as he sucks the lives out of his victims and dodges the Goseigers' attacks before escaping sensing Takuya's love and going after him while destroying his chances with Mizuki. After finding Takuya and convincing him not to give up, he battles Pesaranza. Once the others arrive, the Goseigers and Gosei Knight freeze the Yuumajuu to defeat him with their Dynamic attack combo. Forming Gosei Great and Gosei Ground to battle the enlarged Pesaranza, the Goseigers form Skick Gosei Great to execute a Skick Strike/GrounDrastic combo to destroy the Yuumajuu. Later, as everyone is restored to normal, Takuya manages to become Mizuki's friend as the Gosei Angels watch from afar.


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Goseiger Volume 5, DVD cover

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Volume 5 features episodes 17-20: Epic 17: A New Enemy! The Spectral Demon Beasts, Epic 18: The Earth Purifying Knight of Destiny, Epic 19: Gosei Knight Will Not Allow It, and Epic 20: Fall In Love Goseigers. [1]


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