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The Earth Purifying Knight of Destiny (地球を浄める宿命の騎士 Hoshi o Kiyomeru Shukumei no Kishi) is the eighteenth episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger.


The Goseiger try to understand Gosei Knight and his desire to destroy human society for its ills as a propeganda-spewing Yuumajuu takes over the airwaves.


After learning more about the Yuumajuu from the Master Head and that Gosei Knight is an evolved Headder, the Gosei Angels learn that Gosei Knight is attacking an industrial plant. As they confront Gosei Knight in an attempted to stop him from destroying the building, they learn more about how he gained his current form by making a pact with the planet as its protector after losing contact with his Gosei Angel allies in the past. While this occurs, Makuin revives Zeibu of the Mummy as he turns the staff of TV Azuma into his mummified slaves to air his deadly Yuumajuu channel. Nozomu brings it to their attention as the Gosei Angels arrive to the TV studio. But they are halted by the Bibi Soldiers under Buredoran, reintroducing himself as the Yuumajuu Buredoran of the Chupacabra, while Zeibu barricades the building with a barrier. As Buredoran leaves, Groundion arrives to destroy the building. Assuming his humanoid form, Gosei Knight gives the Goseigers five minutes to save the humans inside with Gosei Red reasoning with him. Managing to get in through the basement, the Goseigers fight their way through Bibi Soldiers as time runs out before the Landick siblings are forced out while covering their allies. As the Landick siblings try to keep Gosei Knight at bay after time is up, the others battle Zeibu in a televised fight. Bringing Zeibu outside, the Goseigers stand aside as Gosei Knight defeats Zeibu and breaks his hold over the people. But when the Bibi Bugs revive Zeibu, Gosei Knight sees him no longer a threat to the world as he accepts Gosei Red's offer to watch them fight in Gosei Great, using alternate formations to weaken Zeibu before forming Hyper Gosei Great to destroy him. As Gosei Knight takes his leave, still seeing the Gosei Angels' intent on saving people to have no meaning in saving the Earth, Buredoran thinks up a scheme to make use of him.


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DVD releases

Goseiger DVD Vol 5

Goseiger Volume 5, DVD cover

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Volume 5 features episodes 17-20: Epic 17: A New Enemy! The Spectral Demon Beasts, Epic 18: The Earth Purifying Knight of Destiny, Epic 19: Gosei Knight Will Not Allow It, and Epic 20: Fall In Love Goseigers. [1]

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