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Suddenly!! A Traitor (突然!!裏切り者 Totsuzen!!Uragirimono) is the ninth episode of Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.


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After Bara Darts shot Goro, Yuji and Shohei with its magical darts, the three male Ohranger started to rust like machines. Juri and Momo confronted Bara Darts, hoping to gain the antidote. Instead, Juri betrayed Momo and became Darts’ partner.

Later, Juri and Momo had a duel. When Bara Darts opened fire at the subdued Momo, Juri was hit. Darts handed over the antidote to his wounded comrade, but Juri revealed her plan. She had pretended to go bad just to get the cure.

Unfortunately, the antidote given to Juri was a fake. Goro, Shohei and Yuji suddenly appeared, free of the poison. Thinking that his remedy was now useless, Bara Darts tossed it aside. Momo caught the antitoxin, and she showed the monster her hologram trick.

Acha’s attempt to stop Momo and Juri from saving their friends was futile. Momo raced off with the antidote and Juri stayed behind to distract the enemy. Before Juri was struck by Bara Darts’ projectile, Momo intervened with an arrow. The other Ohranger had been cured of Darts’ rust poisoning. The heroes regrouped and transformed.

While Oh Red, Oh Blue and Oh Green fought the Barlo, Oh Pink and Oh Yellow ganged up on Bara Darts. Oh Red weakened the monster with Secret Sword Super Power Riser. Acha enlarged the wounded Machine Beast, and the Ohranger summoned Ohranger Robo.

To counter Bara Darts’ stinger blast, Oh Yellow fired away with Super Power Dogu Vulcan. She then hit the creature with Dogu Sky Kick.

Oh Pink subdued Bara Darts with Moa Tornado and Super Power Moa Cannon. Finally, Ohranger Robo used Crown Final Crash to kill the enemy.


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