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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Shocking Live Broadcast (ドッキリ生中継 Dokkiri Namachūkei) is the ninth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


Jiraiya's obsession with watching television becomes a problem when he encounters a Yokai who wants to cause chaos in order to become a TV star.


At a shrine, a woman is being confronted by robbers threatening to kill her until a mysterious man stops them, revealing himself to be "The Rescue Samurai" who tells them to be sent to the Sanzu River for their crimes. However the samurai show is revealed to be a TV show being watched by Jiraiya within Nekomaru as Tsuruhime is working; he pretends to be a samurai attacking Sasuke as the heroic samurai, confusing his teammate who sees him as crazy with the female stating he's been like this since they bought the TV. Jiraiya continues to attack his teammates with a mop threatening to send them to the Sanzu while ruining the crepe shop! The Announcer notices Jiraiya's TV addiction and states the Yokai in this episode is also addicted to TV, revealing the same show being watched by a large man in a home admiring the Rescuing Samurai. A woman knocks on his door telling "Mr. Dorota" that today is not trash day, which makes him yell at her to leave him alone!

As this is happening, a female TV announcer is guiding a group including Jiraiya and Saizou towards "the best ramen in Tokyo"; she eats from the shop while stating that the soup is rich and not too heavy; asking the chef the ingredient, he states it is love as he kisses the ramen noodles stating he put love in his meals. A masked man suddenly rushes into the shop surprising the announcer, the man announces himself like the Rescue Samurai, but is Mr. Dorota threatening them to be sent to the Sanzu River! He takes out a sword and attacks the shop, attacking everyone while stating he's cool and he needs to be filmed for TV. When others get in his way, Dorota attacks them making Jiraiya fight back, pinching his nose and throwing him to the ground while the announcer tells her cameraman to keep filming! Dorota and Jiraiya continue to fight as it's broadcast on TV, surprising Sasuke and the others back at Nekomaru!Later, as a weatherwoman makes a broadcast, Mr. Dorota breaks through her map declaring it will be a "clear, cloudless day" as he tries to get in front of the camera. Jiraiya confronts him as he turns into his true form, the Yokai Dorotabo, forcing Jiraiya and Saizou to fight him even as the news reporter keeps broadcasting the battle.

The Announcer states Dorotabo is generally found in fields and rice paddies yet with less fields, Dorotabos are miserable while wondering why he's suddenly inside a TV.

Jiraiya and Saizou transform to fight Dorotabo, slashing him down; the announcer wonders how they were able to transform so quickly; the distraction allows Dorotabo to throw Mud Balls at them, ruining people's suits and knocking a businessman down at the anger of his kid. Angered, Jiraiya throws Dorotabo down making him withdraw from the battle.

At the hospital, the businessman states that he was there because his son, Toshio, wanted to be on a quiz show called Super Battle Quiz, but this prevents them from going on and winning a trip to Hong Kong and Macau; the boy admits that his father has never been abroad because he's so busy which is why he wanted to get on the show to win the prize. The newswoman barges into the hospital room, showing off the Kakuranger having fought the Yokai and admiring their bravery. Back home, Dorotabo wonders why they're on TV and not him, being yelled at by the landlady for disturbing her baby until he yells at her for disturbing his shows.

Transforming back into his Yokai form, Dorotabo yells that he won't stop attacking until he's on TV, throwing out Mud Balls as they ruin everyone's clothing and paralyze them while causing general chaos in the streets before attacking buildings with his laser eyes. He yells this should be enough to make him famous, but the Kakuranger start pursuing him as they begin a chase across rooftops before he attacks them from afar and continues destroying the city. As they try to pursue the Yokai, Tsuruhime suddenly wonders where Jiraiya is, but are suddenly approached by Sandayuu, stating that NinjaBlack is right now on TV, showing him on Super Battle Quiz helping the boy to win the trip to Hong Kong and Macau as Toshio's "brother". Tsuruhime wonders why he's on there, but Sandayuu states that it is a popular and well acclaimed show and that maybe Dorotabo could attack it to try and get on TV again. On Super Battle Quiz, the quizmaster asks "what are Japan's famous spies of ancient time", making both Jiraiya and Toshio wonder in fear what the answer is; as he counts down, Jiraiya yells out the answer is "ninja", which is the correct answer and enough to allow them to win! However without warning, Dorotabo rips through the set wall claiming he's the only champion that should be filmed. Jiraiya strikes him down while the camerawoman from before chases to show them; Jiraiya challenges Dorotabo to a fair and square fight with the prize being his fame; Dorotabo agrees to a cage match which Jiraiya complies with.

Later, the Kakuranger catch up to Jiraiya in Nekomaru, confronting the Yokai for the cage match while he announces himself with the Rescue Samurai's calling card. Dorotabo likewise uses the Rescue Samurai's words to try to tell him to be sent to the Sanzu but Jiraiya says that the line is his as the two begin their showdown with Toshio yelling his support and the other Kakuranger held back from intervening. The two combat one another with Jiraiya throwing Dorotabo down into an electric fence, winning the battle. The two switch to a sword showdown, fighting one another until Dorotabo tries to use shuriken to hit him; Jiraiya responds with his own shuriken before striking the Yokai down again for the second round. The duo then move on to boxing, with Jiraiya once again crushing his opponent and knocking him out of the ring as the Yokai admits his strength!

With no other chance left, Dorotabo uses the Yoki Cloud to grow with the TV camerawoman wondering what will happen until they're forced to withdraw. The Kakuranger soon transform and summon their Giant Beast Generals; Jiraiya yells at Dorotabo for ruining TV for him; the Yokai throws a bomb at him but he's knocked down by Black Gammer as the two fight each other in the giant showdown until Dorotabo is thrown down and hit by a Sand Storm ninpo hitting the Yokai in the foot. While distracted, the Kakuranger become Muteki Shogun and destroy Dorotabo with the Flaming Shogun Sword.

Later, Jiraiya is watching women wrestling, inspiring him to keep attacking his teammates with reckless abandon even against his teammate's request. The Announcer wonders if they like watching him on TV before his TV suddenly statics out.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 1

Kakuranger Volume 1, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-11.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.


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