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The Riddle of the Strongarm Ace (鉄腕エースの謎 Tetsuwan Ēsu no Nazo) is the eighth episode of Battle Fever J.


While helping a young pitcher get through a slump, Masao investigates a fellow pitcher who has suddenly become a genius due to Egos' manipulations.


A young boy named Koji, is frustrated at losing a baseball game. Koji’s brother, Koichi was a high school classmate of Masao (Battle Japan), and had died in a car accident. So Masao encourages Koji to practice hard. Koji's friend Jin Taiichi, then suddenly emerges as a fantastic baseball player of major league abilities, after joining the Prodigy Sports Club. Masao investigates and finds out Egos has replaced him with an android. Their scheme; to lure children into effortlessly becoming sports prodigies by joining Egos. When Koji succumbs to the temptation to join the club, Masao saves him by putting a transmitter on the fake Taiichi and following him to where all the children are being held.


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  • Viewership: 16.0%

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Battle Fever J Volume 1, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 1 features episodes 1-11. [1]


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