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This Guy is Huge (こいつぁデカい Koitsa Dekai) is the seventh episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


A Yokai uses Seikai's obsession with eating to its own advantage, making him grow huge in size to satiate his never-ending appetite.


As the Announcer opens the episode, he's attacked by the team's shuriken in an open field, forcing him to run away noticing them practicing their ninjutsu. He notices one of them is missing; the scene cutting to Tsuruhime wondering where Seikai is; NinjaYellow gorging himself on food while talking of the indulgences of sleeping and seeing pretty girls. Punishing him for skipping training, Tsuruhime uses her Confiscation Ninpo, stealing Seikai's food as he yells he has to bulk up if he wants to fight the Yokai before giving her flowers, which she takes and runs away before turning to him sternly and using the "paper gun" Ninpo attacking him with an explosion, making her yell at him for needing more practice. However, NinjaYellow smells a cheeseburger nearby forcing Tsuruhime to give up on her sermon in disgrace.

At a fast food burger restaurant, a fat man lifts his bib scaring the customers before he's tossed aside by Seikai, who orders three cheeseburgers, two fish sandwiches and a phone number for the girls at the counter. The fat man yells there's not enough food for both of them, lifting his bib again revealing a mouth in his stomach that sucks the food within into his stomach! Seikai realizes he's a Yokai revealing him as Gakitsuki, a Yokai that makes humans starve from eating everything; the Announcer comments they act like his mom but his mom is scarier than it.

Seikai transforms to fight Gakitsuki telling him to go away, but the Yokai stated he was hungry until the Seal Door reopened and he's going to eat. Using his Chia Shu Strings, Gakitsuki binds NinjaYellow and prepares to eat him until the other Kakuranger come to his aid saving him, Tsuruhime yelling at him for skipping practice. Tsuruhime immediately has them use the Shark Driver finisher, but the Yokai vanishes; they think he escaped but he instead turns as tiny as a fly and flies into Seikai's mouth into his stomach where he takes up residence! The Kakuranger wonder how they'll handle him, but Seikai states suspiciously their strategy should be eating, making Tsuruhime frustrated.

Heading for another restaurant, the Kakuranger worry as Seikai eats plate after plate of food; NinjaYellow states he can't stop eating as Tsuruhime claims all he thinks of is food and girls! Within his body, Gakitsuki states this is only the beginning and commands the Kakuranger to keep eating, making his eyes glow and his body start inflating in front of them, making him grow huge to the point of growing outside the restaurant and march through the city while eating everything in sight! Tsuruhime yells at Seikai to stop, but NinjaYellow states he's just continuing to eat without any control! Sasuke uses his Seethrough Goggles Ninpo, testing it first on Tsuruhime (claiming she's flat) before using it on the giant Seikai, seeing Gakitsuki within his stomach eating everything Seikai ate making them realize where he is. Wondering what to do, Tsuruhime states the only thing they can do is make NinjaYellow spit him out.

That night, NinjaWhite uses her Origami Flying Kite Ninpo to fly up to her giant teammate as the other Kakuranger manipulate it. She opens a bottle which she throws into Seikai's face, making him sneeze uncontrollably with the other Kakuranger as they yell at him to release Gakitsuki, but he claims he can't; the Yokai clinging on stating he's staying put until he's full! Having enough, Seikai runs away making Tsuruhime fall and the other Kakuranger fall likewise. Continuing to sneeze, Seikai apologizes for his action.

Later binding up NinjaYellow in chains, Tsuruhime uses the Giant Roast Chicken Ninpo, then the Giant Fan, making them wave the last food in town to try and force Gakitsuki out of his body. Within, the Yokai tells him to eat it with his power, making Seikai break his chains and grab the giant chicken with ease. However after it is completed, Seikai apologizes and asks for one more chance; but Tsuruhime shuts him down stating this happened because NinjaYellow has no willpower! Seikai states he was wondering if Tsuruhime could turn herself into a meal; the other Kakuranger are shocked but he claims he promises he will resist since he states he is in love with her! Tsuruhime is shocked stating if that's all it takes then they would have done so sooner, the female riding off with the other Kakuranger as the team worry about leaving him yet also realizing they can't just let him wander again. Realizing what's happening, Tsuruhime runs to the ocean, where she sees flowers similar to those Seikai gave her prior. ON a mountainside, Seikai wonders about his previous confession, making him realize he can't fight as a giant. Without warning, Tsuruhime hears the ground shake as she rushes to Seikai, where he is standing on his hands, telling Gakitsuki to come out by force! He states that the team has done so much for them and it's his turn of doing something for them as he yells at the Yokai to leave him. Realizing what he's doing, Tsuruhime picks a flower up in relent.

The next morning, Seikai continues to starve on the ground until he smells something, waking, he searches breaking his chain until he sees a white cloth covering something; picking it up, he sees Tsuruhime beneath it giving him one last chance. Transforming into the "Tsuruhime Burger", Seikai beats himself up to make himself not eat, but Gakitsuki tells him to go and eat it! Feeling the hunger pangs, Seikai states he know he can be strong when he has to be even as the Yokai tells him to go for it, holding himself back even at the Yokai's request, trying to prevent himself from eating the burger until he finally pushes himself to his limit, screaming and resisting making Gakitsuki rush to the burger leading to him being captured by the other Kakuranger hiding nearby! With Gakitsuki out of him, Seikai returns to normal size and Tsuruhime leaves her burger form; Seikai thanks Tsuruhime before telling the Yokai he made his appetite and friends suffer due to his actions and the team transforming with their Doron Changers. Gakitsuki shoots his Beanshooter until Seikai tells the team to let him handle it with Tsuruhime joining them; Saizou relenting they'll see how they do. NinjaYellow uses his Yellow Claw and NinjaWhite her Falling Cherry Blossoms striking him until they finish him with the Z-Cut and Triangle Cut combo. Desperate, Gakitsuki uses the Yoki Cloud to grow, forcing the team to form Muteki Shogun. Gakitsuki charges at them but they instantly finish him with the Flaming Shogun Sword, Gakitsuki's final regret being he wanted more food.

Later, Seikai is eating hamburgers stating its best to eat after a workout. Seikai asks Tsuruhime for a date to reconcile but she rejects him, making him relent that food is his only friend as the team prepares to leave with Nekomaru. The Announcer departs telling the audience to not eat too much.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 1

Kakuranger Volume 1, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-11.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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