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The House Burns!! (お家が燃える!! O-ie ga Moeru!!) is the seventh episode of Battle Fever J. It marks the introduction of the robot bird, Kyutaro.


Kensaku bonds with a boy who is obsessed with a wave of arson attacks committed in association with Egos.


An arsonist has been setting a series of fires, and Kensaku discovers a strange boy entranced by the fires. When Kensaku tracks down the boy, as a possible lead to the fires, he discovers that the boy’s parents were killed in a similar fire, and that the boy now has premonitions of when the next fires will occur. The boy, Hideo, has also suffered amnesia since the fire that killed his parents. As Kensaku was also an orphan living in Central Asia, before being raised by Tetsuzan Shogun, he is empathetic to Hideo. He tries to encourage the boy by teaching him to use the slingshot. It is later revealed that Hideo’s nurse is the arsonist. When she tries to silence him, he recovers his memory, including where he had followed the arsonist to after she burned his house. Egos has been burning people who refused to join them, including Hideo’s parents. Battle Cossack then infiltrates the arsonists’ lair to take down the arsonists and avenge Hideo’s parents.


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  • Viewership: 12.0%
  • This episode as one of the first seven episodes (bar 4 and 6), which had Kenji Ushio playing Commander Hedder, was edited so that Ushio was replaced by Masashi Ishibashi as Hedder after he replaced him in the role starting from episode 9.  This came after Kenji Ushio was arrested for possession of drugs early in the series run.

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Battle Fever J Volume 1, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 1 features episodes 1-11. [1]


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