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The Eyeball Prince! (目玉の王子様! Medama no Ōjisama!) is the sixth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. It is the conclusion of a two-part story with the Kakuranger facing allied Yokai Nurikabe and Mokumokuren.


Mokumokuren decides to take revenge on the Kakuranger by trying to make them look like criminals and seducing Tsuruhime into being his bride.


After the Announcer states this is an episode we've been waiting for, the scene opens on the floppy hat man asking his brother, Nurikabe, if he's going to do something; the Yokai states he will because of how he was defeated and needs to get back at them. Nurikabe shows his brother a picture of Tsuruhime, whom he figured out is the Kakuranger's leader; the floppy-hat man admits she is cute but Nurikabe claims he shouldn't say that, instead that by defeating her, the Kakuranger will be disbanded immediately! Spying a jewelry store, the two turn into a pink and blue female and turn potatoes into money, upon which they use to purchase something before changing back as the shopkeeper yells out that they were thieves that deceived them!

That night, Tsuruhime is approached by a masked prince on a horse-drawn cart, asking her to come with him as she becomes a maiden in white being taken to a fancy dance party. The two dance together before stepping aside, the prince giving her a necklace just before the clock strikes midnight and she runs away like Cinderella leaving the ball.

The next morning, Tsuruhime is tormented by Saizou trying to wake her up as she sleeps in Nekomaru, but discovers the strange necklace around her neck! The male Kakuranger wake as Jiraiya greets Nekomaru; Tsuruhime steps by the riverside wondering what the necklace is as the Yokai brothers laugh from the opposite side.

The next night, a strange eyeball beams a light over Tsuruhime, making her slowly rise up and place the necklace on herself once again before leaving in the dark. Jiraiya notices her leaving and tries to call to her before waking up his teammates; Sasuke jokingly mentions that Jiraiya needs to work on his Japanese tomorrow, making NinjaBlack decide to charge out on his own until a wall slams right into him, revealing himself as Nurikabe! Sending out a Dorodoro squadron, the male Kakuranger fight against them as Tsuruhime meets with the strange jacket man while in a daze, making her go into his car while stating they're going to a ball and reveals himself to be the many-eyed Yokai Mokumokuren; the Announcer reveals his ability of spying with his many eyes and creating illusions. In the foggy dark, Mokumokuren transforms his car into a carriage and turns them once again into a prince and princess headed for another ball before giving her another gift of a bracelet before she departs once again at midnight.

In the morning, the male Kakuranger laugh about Tsuruhime speeding time with a prince and receiving jewelry; while she states she does dream of that sometimes. Sasuke suspected that Nurikabe was working with someone and this other Yokai is manipulating her dreams; while Jiraiya realizes the necklace and bracelet are stolen gems that were in the news recently, showing the headline to the team! Saizou worries that this could make them believed to be the thieves! Later, Seikai wonders if Sasuke and Jiraiya were able to convince the store to take the jewels back as Tsuruhime ponders. As several children appear at Nekomaru, Tsuruhime is distracted seeing the strange prince again; she chases him as an eye appears beaming her transforming her into a princess once again! NinjaWhite tries to ask who he is and asks about the stolen jewels telling him to stop, but the prince asks for her hand in marriage before giving her a ring on her finger and a contract she must sign. Tsuruhime signs the contract before the prince speaks in a deep voice claiming he is his.

Transporting them into a locker room, Mokumokuren reveals himself as the prince and that she is now his, making her scream in fear and call for her teammates before the Yokai knocks it out of her hand. Still on, Tsuruhime yells that she isn't married to a Yokai being overheard by the other Kakuranger making them realize they have to save her. Tsuruhime throws the ring back to Mokumokuren, but he shows the marriage license; she claims it isn't valid but the Yokai claims he'll take her to court to prove it, making her challenge him towards this validation!

Within the Yokai court, Nurikabe the judge asks if Tsuruhime wants to divorce Mokumokuren which she states is obvious, but the Yokai claims she must pay alimony to her husband if they do; she claims she'll do what she need to, but Nurikabe states he doesn't want money and judges that she is to be given the sentence of "The Fried Eye". The ball cap Yokai reveals Mokumokuren likes to cool human eyes like eggs and eat them as Mokumokuren prepares a pot to cook them until he's stopped by caltrops thrown to the ground and the other Kakuranger fight off the Dorodoro of court and return Tsuruhime's Doron Changer to her.

As the team transforms, Tsuruhime yells at Nurikabe and Mokumokuren for making fun of her girlish dreams forcing Nurikabe to turn back to his Yokai form and Mokumokuren to throw his Googly Eyeball attack to shock the team. A battalion of Dorodoro appear and the Kakuranger fight them off while Tsuruhime slashes Nurikabe and hits him with the Dance of the Paper Cranes blowing him down. Summoning the Shark Machines, the team uses their Shark Driver attack to finally destroy the wall Yokai who bids his brother farewell as he dies.

Upset at the Kakuranger for killing his brother, Mokumokuren uses the Yoki Cloud to grow and Tsuruhime summons White Kark to attack the eyeball Yokai before the other Kakuranger join with her with their Beast General and fuse into Muteki Shogun. Mokumokuren consider their fusion unfair and zaps them with eyes before they hit him with Flying Cherry Blossoms and finish him off with the Flaming Shogun Sword; Mokumokuren's final regret being wanting to marry Tsuruhime.

As the Announcer proclaims it's a good thing Tsuruhime doesn't have to marry a Yokai, Jiraiya appears before her with a bouquet of flowers proclaiming love as the other Kakuranger laugh, making her frustrated at the males of the team and chases them away; the bouquet ending up with the Announcer who states there are other Yokai out there that they may end up facing.


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  • Viewership: 7.8%
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  • Tsuruhime & Mokumokuren's marriage certificate says they were married on March 25, 1994, the day this episode originally aired.

DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 1

Kakuranger Volume 1, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-11.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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