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The Uneven Strange Gamers (凸凹珍ゲーマー Dekoboko Chin Gēmā) is the fifth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. It is the first of a two-part story with the Kakuranger facing allied Yokai Nurikabe and Mokumokuren.


Saizou finds himself trapped in a deadly maze with a young boy as part of a bet between a mysterious pair of men, and must make it out alive.


At a clothing shop, Saizou is trying on new outfits as a saleswoman admires him and the style he brings to the clothing which he takes as a compliment. the woman asks which he thinks fits best stating a jacket appears to be his best choice but realizes it's 130,000 Yen and he only has a couple thousand, forcing him to abandon it and making the saleswoman state he's a jerk for ruining her sale. After leaving Saizou complains about his poverty as he sees a boy nearly run over by a truck, forcing him to save the kid as the driver yells at them for getting in his way. Saizou wonders if he's OK stating that an athletic boy like him was able to save him before leaving; but the boy discovers that Saizou left his wallet behind in the midst of the confusion!

The Announcer comes on stating that Saizou is the unlucky one due to this before introducing the next Yokai of the week.

A man in an athletics jacket and yellow cap returns to an apartment with groceries as another man in a floppy hat and raincoat welcomes him, only for the first to complain that their plan "hasn't been set up". He brings out a washtub claiming he's going to "defeat him this time" as the floppy hat man offers him coffee which makes his partner complain he can't just sit and drink when he's on a 3-day losing streak with their game! The floppy hat man says his brother, Nurikabe, is just too impatient and there's no need to rush. Nurikabe starts the game by dipping his hand in the washtub, making a vision of the city appear before them. At Nekomaru, Tsuruhime is serving customers as Saizou returns; NinjaWhite yelling at him for rushing out and that the others have run off as well. Saizou realizes he lost his wallet as the boy rushes to return it to him; making Nurikabe decide to use the two of them as their game participants, making him spin his hand in the washtub throwing the two away as Tsuruhime fails to save them.

Both Saizou and the boy are transported to a wooden maze in different locations, NinjaBlue worries where he is while yelling for the boy as the boy yells for him and the two become lost in the maze. At the apartment, Nurikabe bets 10 gold coins on the boy while the floppy-hat man bets the same on the older Saizou, with the rule being whoever reaches the exit wins the bet. In the maze, Saizou and the boy become lost and trapped by dead-ends; the Announcer declares the two Yokai as a bizarre combination due to their game and stating they are inhumane.

Saizou continues to run through the maze looking for the boy but becomes lost amidst all the stares and confusing locations while losing stamina until he just gives up as Nurikabe laughs. However, the boy suddenly finds walls emerge as he becomes trapped in the maze further, the floppy-hat man stating the boy is having a tough time since he's in a path you can never return from. The duo soon face new threats such as traps and horrific visions as they become more confused and in peril from the maze until Saizou just gives up and attempts to transform, only for him to be unable to use his Doron Changer either!

In the city, Tsuruhime shows the other Kakuranger where Saizou and the boy vanished from as the team doesn't believe her accusation that they both vanished and Jiraiya tries desperately to contact them. The boy continues to wander and cry while Saizou states he hasn't had any luck since meeting him. NinjaBlue finds an exit making Nurikabe get angry that the boy may lose this. The floppy-hatted man takes the money from the bet as the yellow-hat human decides to take revenge on the boy for losing. As he escapes the maze, Saizou sees the floppy-hat man approach him complementing his victory and giving him a token of his appreciation, a gold coin, before disappearing. Elsewhere, Nurikabe yells at the boy for making him lose and curses him to be squished by walls, transforming into his true Yokai form as it's explained by the Announcer as one that traps you within walls and squashes it's enemy.

Saizou eventually gets through to the other Kakuranger via his Doron Changer; the team wonders where he is as NinjaBlue states all he knows is he's in front of a Western-style house before remembering he can use Ninpo and transforms. As Saizou rushes in, Sandayuu appears before the others on the team wondering where they are and stating he doesn't know either before stating "if they have no clue, follow their instinct" before the others on the team rush on and Sandayuu keeps sucking an electric spinning lollipop.

Nurikabe captures the boy with tendrils strangling him as NinjaBlue rushes to search for him in the maze and hears his screams, only to face the maze's traps; sick of it, Saizou uses his Shinobi Knuckles to bust through the maze walls and use his Kakulaser to shoot Nurikabe. The Yokai yells at him for cheating but NinjaBlue asks why they'd even make a maze like this, Nurikabe admitting it's only for gambling purpose and he has to pay them back for losing. Saizou considers this unforgivable and charges at the Yokai, who summons Dorodoro in military uniforms shooting him until they're struck by Sasuke's shurikens; the team arriving as NinjaBlue yells at them for being late; with the team stating they had to use instinct to find him with his minor clue. The team fights the Dorodoro before transforming; NinjaBlue telling him he can't get away with manipulating human lives.

Nurikabe uses his Battle Tile Ninpo to change to a smaller, more aggressive form as the Kakuranger disappear, confusing the Yokai until they slash him out in the open. Nurikabe throws down NinjaBlue but then is kicked after missing him. The Yokai then uses his Brick Hurricane smashing them with bricks until Saizou throws out caltrops and striking him down with the Square Slice, forcing Nurikabe to use the Yoki Cloud to grow. Saizou summons Blue Logan to combat him; the Yokai uses the Wall Crush Ninpo and throws spears to attempt to destroy the Beast General, only for it to survive and launch itself towards it's opponent and throwing him down. Summoning his staff, Blue Logan destroys Nurikabe's house to prevent it from being used for a maze trap again, making him cry out until he tries to skewer him before Nurikabe is saved by a lighting strike stopping the Beast General and an eye in the sky telling his "brother" to run for it, making the Yokai escape and confusing Saizou on what happened.

The Announcer wonders what the eye was but also states they have to put that aside due to the situation with the destroyed house and maze.

The other Kakuranger wonder with Saizou what the giant eye was as the boy meets up with them; Saizou wonders where his wallet is but the boy reveals to have lost it, having been dropped in the maze before NinjaBlue destroyed it! Saizou then remembered the floppy-hat man's gold coin, Jiraiya confirms it as actual gold, shocking the team as Tsuruhime claims it's worth 50,000 yen; yet the team fight over it until it falls into a sewer vent, making Saizou cry with despair at his bad luck.

Under the city, the floppy-hat man helps Nurikabe escape as the yellow-hat Yokai claims he really has no luck! His brother claims they'll work together for revenge as they both swear to defeat the Kakuranger and hobble away. Yet as the Announcer curses Nurikabe, walls fall down preventing him from continuing and ending the episode.


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Kakuranger DVD Vol 1

Kakuranger Volume 1, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-11.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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