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The Great Robot Dogfight (ロボット大空中戦 Robotto Dai Kūchūsen) is the fifth episode of Battle Fever J. This episode is the culmination of a five-episode opening arc featuring the first deployment of Battle Fever Robo, the very first giant robot in Super Sentai history; likewise introducing the team's carrier vehicle, Battle Shark, that will carry both the team and the mecha. It also introduces the "Egos Robots" which will fight Battle Fever Robo starting with Buffalo Robot in this episode, as well as the Egos Fighters.


A kidnapping forces a crewmember to choose sides in the final countdown between the initial launch of either Battle Fever or Egos' giant robot.


Egos kidnaps the children of Information Supervisor Sakaguchi, Yoko and Kenichi. They then blackmail him into stealing the blueprints and completion status of the Battle Fever robo. Tetsuzan Shogun, who joined the Defense Department at the same time as Sakaguchi, is greatly concerned and confronts him. Sakaguchi escapes but vows to make amends. He appears at Egos factory, where they too are building a giant robo, and discloses a false timetable. When Egos orders them killed, Sakaguchi reveals dynamite strapped to his body. He backs away with his children and gets them to safety. He then returns to the factory, and blows himself up to destroy it. Unfortunately, his sacrifice is in vain, as their evil robo is already completed. But Battle Fever’s giant robo is also complete and ready to save the day!


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Battle Fever J Volume 1, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 1 features episodes 1-11. [1]


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