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Fall for Me (俺に惚れろ Ore ni Horero) is the fifth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. It is the conclusion of a two-part story involving Kaori and her relationships; it is also the first appearance of the Icarus Hawken mecha formation and the first encounter between the Jetman and three of the main Vyram forces: Tran, Grey and the mysterious Maria.


After Kaori temporarily loses function of her legs, Gai protects her as the Jetman faces Vyram attacks on multiple fronts.


After Kaori is rushed back to Sky Camp from Jet Swan being shot out of the sky by the giant Road Dimension, she is investigated and Odagari states everything with her seems OK; even though she somehow can't move her legs. The commander states she can't move is because of mental shock, which Kaori believes is due to her stupidity in acting like a princess prior. However, Gai believes that Kaori is doing well and that "a princess would have given up already". The heiress believes she can't be a burden on the team anymore and needs to finish her training before another Vyram attack; Raita advises against it but Kaori states that as long as her arms work, she should be fine. She cries out about wanting to be a warrior to Ryu, worrying not just him but Gai as well. Meanwhile beneath the surface, Road Dimension heals its wounds from the previous battle; Radiguet proclaims that once it defeats Jetman, their game will be over and he will be proclaimed as Vyram's leader over his three teammates. Tran mocks him claiming that he'll be the one who will be victorious, while Maria claims that she'll defeat Jetman before Road Dimension recovers. Radiguet approaches Maria ominously stating that her destiny is to obey him, which she pushes him away regarding the comment. Gray stays out of the fight and merely lights a cigar to smoke.

With Kaori back out, the team return to practice in their Jet Machines, with Ryu concerned about her welfare. Commander Odagari commands the team to fuse into Icarus Haken which they go along with, starting the procedures. During the scramble, Kaori is ordered to step on the right pedal but she becomes hesitant due to her mental block, barely pushing it down before stating she can't push any harder. The formation falters as Jet Swan once again crashes; with Ryu stating that they won't be able to do this and fight Vyram until her leg gets better.

Within the Vylock, Gray polishes a gun while listening to classical music on a phonograph. After partaking in wine, the robot proclaims "Jetman" while shooting it with bullets on his arm and leaving the base.

Back with Kaori, she tries once again to walk, placing her feet on the ground to try and regain mobility as her teammates watch in secret. She falls to the ground as her wheelchair flies into a tree, but Ryu prevents the others from rushing to her aid. As Kaori desperately crawls towards her wheelchair, Gai runs to her against Ryu's orders trying to prevent her struggling; but Ryu tells him to let her fight it out and figure it out on her own. Kaori agrees that Gai should stay out of this and she should listen to Ryu in relearning to walk by herself. Ryu keeps telling Kaori that the weakness is in her head and she can walk if she has it in herself as a warrior. However the trial is interrupted by Gray's gunshots, with Ryu telling Gai to place Kaori back in her wheelchair and take her away from here; which he does as Gray continues his assault. Gai gets Kaori over some railroad tracks; but an oncoming train suddenly appears with the chair stuck on the rails. Gai scrambles as he barely gets the wheelchair off the tracks and Kaori to safety.

Ryu, Ako and Raita try to catch up with Gai but are suddenly attacked by flying bricks thrown at them before forming into a massive wall that traps Ako's hand. Tran appears before the three, with Ryu realizing that he can use psychokinesis to control the bricks before completely surrounding them with brick walls. The walls start to spin as Tran throws metal spikes towards the walls to impale them with the child proclaiming that despite not knowing them for long, they will now die. He tries to use his powers to destroy them, but Ryu transforms and uses the Wing Gauntlet to break down the wall, with the trio breaking out as Gai and Kaori continue to be pursued by Gray.

Ryu tries to use the Bringer Sword on Tran but he teleports away before flying and hitting him with his powers. Blue Swallow and Yellow Owl try the Bird Blasters, but Tran uses his powers to reflect and strike them instead. Proclaiming the start of the game, he takes control of a car and attacks them. Meanwhile, Gai uses a motorbike and slams it against Gray trying to take him out; but the robot stands once again amidst the flames and shoots at him. Red Hawk's group continue to be struck by the controlled car as he hops on top of it to try and stop Tran's control.

Meanwhile, Gai takes off his glove and sees his hand bleeding from Gray's attack, thinking that his life may be over soon from the Vyram attack and he didn't mind it. Kaori tells him to not give up because Ryu doesn't do so, making Gai angry that she's talking about him at a time like this. Gray continues to search for Gai and Kaori while lighting a cigar to smoke before tracking them down hiding in a warehouse. While conversing, Kaori asks why Gai doesn't like Ryu, and he states it's because he doesn't like his "good boy attitude"; yet when he tries to state he prefers Kaori, she moves her hand away from his and slaps him for making a move on her. From the slap, Gai figures out that Kaori likes Ryu; but Gray breaks through the wall before she can give an answer. Even facing down Gray's largest gun, Gai asks that Kaori falls for him and that they would make a good couple; all while Ryu continues to hang on to the psychically driving car.

However, everything comes to a halt as the ground shakes due to Road Dimension completing its healing. Gai tries to protect Kaori while Tran realizes he has to end the game before Road Dimension returns. As the car approaches a cliff, Red Hawk flies off while Tran commands it to fall off the quarry cliff to a fiery end. The rest of the team eventually meet up with Ryu, but they all are attacked one again; this time by a laser fired by Maria. She proclaims she'll finish Jetman and immediately uses her laser whip to strike the team and strangle Ryu. Ryu tries to defend himself against Maria but feels a strange feeling when he sees who she is in person, thinking that she's actually Rie! But before he can fully confirm it, Maria knocks him down on the ground. But before any thing further can happen, Road Dimension begins to reascend to the surface, with Radiguet proclaiming this as the end of Jetman. The earthquake caused by it's return, makes Kaori fall out of her wheelchair into a crack, which Ryu comes to rescue her immediately. But as Ryu tries to save his teammate, Maria strangles Ryu with her whip while Raita and Ako are held back by a sudden squadron of Grinam appearing. While suffering, Ryu realizes that Maria can't be Rie due to her death while precariously trying to save Kaori at the same time. Remembering Ryu's words, Kaori finally regains controls of her legs and leaps to the surface while kicking Maria away, removing her mental block.

Reunited, the team transforms with the team making quick work of the Grinam. But as they feel happy with this victory, Road Dimension finally returns to the surface in it's giant formation, leading to the Jet Machines being summoned. Ryu and Gai use the Double Jet Beam again but Gai nearly loses his altitude in the process. At Commander Odagari's order, the team begin to form Icarus Haken, placing their command piece on their consoles and forming into their new mecha formation. Then at another order, the team activates the Jet Phoenix, with the Icarus Haken alighting in flames and baring with heavy G's before flying through the Dimension Beast and destroying Road Dimension.

After the battle, Ryu congratulates Kaori in becoming a warrior which she thanks Ryu for with Gai upset that she continues to see him as the better man. Raita asks if Kaori's legs are alright and she hits him from below in response, making Ako come to his aid. But before Ryu can finish congratulations, Gai gets in the way, giving Kaori back her handkerchief while sarcastically claiming how "nice" things are and leaving them.

Back at the Vylock, Radiguet returns to the room with the record player and warns Jetman not to try his patience while transforming into a bizarre creature.




  • Viewership: 6.2%
  • First appearance of Icarus Haken.
  • Kaori is the first White Ranger to be disabled in battles as two Pink Rangers from the previous Sentai series are disabled due to their serious injuries sustained from the Monster of the Day.

DVD Releases

Jetman DVD Vol 1

Jetman Volume 1, DVD cover

  • Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 1 features episodes 1-10.[1]
Choujin Sentai Jetman The Complete Series

Jetman: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Jetman series was released in North America by Shout! Factory on September 25th, 2018.


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