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Egos' Revival Ceremony (エゴス復活の儀式 Egosu Fukkatsu no Kishiki) is the fifty-first episode of Battle Fever J. It is the second episode of the three-episode endgame arc, featuring the final showdown between General Kurama Tetsuzan and Commander Hedder, transformed into the Hedder Monster.


Satan Egos brings Hedder back as a monster in a scheme to allow him to finally gain access to Battle Fever's base for one final shot at Tetsuzan.


Satan Egos takes Hedder’s remains and transforms him into a kaijin with ESP powers. To call Battle Fever to battle, the Hedder kaijin resurrects multiple past giant robos: the Earthen Figure Robo Ep. 6: Launch the Multipurpose Battleship, the Sports Robo Ep. 8: The Riddle of the Strongarm Ace, and the Galaxian Robo Marriage of the Beauty and the Beast. They fly in with Battle Shark and the Battle Fever Robo to fight all of them once again.

When they realize that the kaijin is controlling their previous foes, they disembark and destroy it. However, Hedder’s eye attaches itself to Battle Kenya’s boot, and infiltrates their base. Kyutaro goes crazy trying to warn Shirou about the eye, but no one understands him. In the middle of the night, the Hedder kaijin resurrects himself from the eyeball, and lurks down the hallway to assassinate General Tetzusan. But the General’s senses are too keen, and he confronts the kaijin. Hedder then reveals that he has explosives strapped to his body and threatens to blow up their entire base in 10 seconds.

This time, it is Kyutaro who saves the day, revealing a secret freezing spray. Battle Fever quickly takes the frozen Hedder outside and irradiates him to ashes, only for him to grow giant-sized. They need to give the Battle Fever Robo an extra power boost to destroy the Hedder Robo.


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  • Viewership: 16.8%

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Battle Fever J Volume 5, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 5 features episodes 44-52. [1]


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