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The Masked Demon Who Aims for the General (将軍を狙う覆面鬼 Shōgun o Nerau Fukumen Oni) is the fiftieth episode of Battle Fever J. It is the opening episode of Battle Fever's three-episode endgame arc featuring the penultimate showdown between General Kurama Tetsuzan and Commander Hedder.


Hedder rampages against Tetsuzan's allies in order to force Battle Fever's general into a showdown for his elimination.


Hedder has mastered the deceitful martial art of Jashin style, killing his own sensei, Ikkaku Oni . Jashin’s ruthless axiom of “do anything to win” encourages trickery, and Hedder blinds his opponents before striking with his hook. He then targets Tetsuzan Shogun’s martial arts masters, Fujinami Hakuun, and his brother Ojami Ryuzan, of the One Sword Style. With each successive murder, Tetsuzan Shogun is further enraged and heartbroken, and wants to accept Hedder’s challenge of a duel. However Makoto, being the voice of reason, does not want to expose their leader and key strategist to an obvious trap. When he does not show, Hedder kidnaps Keiko and Masaru. This is the final straw, and Tetsuzan Shogun accepts the challenge. In a magnificent swordfight, although blinded, he successfully kills Hedder and all of his pupils.


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  • Viewership: 15.0%

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Battle Fever J Volume 5, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 5 features episodes 44-52. [1]


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