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The Youkai Policeman (妖怪ポリスマン Yōkai Porisuman) is the fourth episode of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. It concludes the two-part battle with Azukiarai and introduced the combined form of the Giant Beast Generals, Muteki Shogun.


When Seikai is arrested by the police-manipulating Azukiarai, the other Kakuranger try to rescue him, even without the help of Sasuke.


After the Announcer recaps Jiraiya's arrival and the Giant Beasts being mastered, the story begins with Seikai scarfing down curry at a restaurant, Saizou worrying he's eaten 6 and his stomach may explode from all this food; NinjaYellow states there's always room for food and women. The Announcer re-introduces Azukiarai as he appears in a trash can near the restaurant, stating he hates the Kakuranger for taking the scrolls back.

As Saizou and Seikai leave the restaurant, Seikai tries to chase after a girl yet nearly causes problems at a red light. The police officer form of Azukiarai appears before Seikai asking about what color light he needs to cross at pointing that he did so at a Red Light before stating he's making a bad name for modern society and arresting him for jaywalking! Saizou yells at the officer for arresting for jaywalking but Azukiarai arrests him as well for interfering with the work of an officer. As multiple police cars drive up, Saizou and Seikai run away with the officers in pursuit, the duo continuing have charges like destroying property, assaulting minors and illegal trespassing added to their record! Eventually, the duo are cornered with Saizou attempting to leap over a wall, but Seikai is grabbed before he can join him and dragged into a police car as a boy watches.

Back with the other Kakuranger, Sasuke reprimands Saizou for leaving Seikai behind as a friend and Sentai member and the teamwork; Tsuruhime breaks it up wondering how it's a bit much that Seikai is being arrested for jaywalking. Sasuke decides to go to the station to get Seikai back, but stops when he realizes he's not good with police officers, trying to make other members go instead. The boy who witnessed Seikai's arrest, Shigeru, comes up to them and tells the team that the officers at the station aren't human and are actually Yokai! Shigeru states his father was an officer at the station but the Yokai were there taking it over until he never came home; pleading with the team to get him back; making Jiraiya remember that Azukiarai is a policeman and thus it is him!

In the station, Azukiarai lists Seikai's charges stating it's enough for the death penalty; Seikai complains he never heard such a law but the officer states he is the law in the town before puling out a gun at him making him yell for help out a window being noticed by his teammates and the Yokai laughing before closing the window. Tsuruhime becomes determined to sneak in and save Seikai but Sasuke shows doubt thinking it could be a trap using Seikai to get to them. The team wonders how Sasuke could save him as Tsuruhime states she can't trust him and that they'll save Seikai without NinjaRed.

That night, the other Kakuranger sneak towards the police station, using grappling hooks to climb inside from the roof. Once inside, they sneak through until a trash can with Azukiarai falls before them, the Yokai accusing them of stealing the scrolls and they will pay, transforming into his true form as the Announcer explains his background as making noise to lure people in to their death. The Yokai summons Dorodoros as the team transforms and Tsuruhime instructs the others to find Seikai and Shigeru's father. Azukiarai summons the Phantom Garbage Can, trapping the trio within and sealing it off before carrying them out to his police car and sneaking them into a trunk while wondering what to do with them. The suspicious Shigeru rushes to Sasuke at Nekomaru telling him his teammates were captured; Shigeru asks if he cares about them but Sasuke states he didn't go on purpose knowing that if all of them got captured, there'd be no way out! Shigeru laments Sasuke can't do much but NinjaRed claims he'll save everyone as long as he's around.

At the Yokai club, the four Kakuranger are bound to polls as Seikai complains about all of them being captured while the team wonders if Sasuke can save them or not. Azukiarai appears at the party proclaiming their victory since the reopening of the Seal Door and regaining of powers, and now with the capture of the Kakuranger, they will party in celebration!

A short while later, Sasuke drives up in approach in Nekomaru as he advises Shigeru to not come out no matter what as he turns into a fly and flies into the Yokai Club. Once inside, he becomes a red-headed Yokai while approaching the other Kakuranger, informing Tsuruhime he's arrived while explaining he'll get them out. Azukiarai senses something wrong and approaches Sasuke stating he never saw him there before asking his name and place of birth, Sasuke lying that he is "Sarutombo" of Hawaii; Azukiarai claims he never heard of him as he realizes he's Sasuke while saving his friends. Sasuke proclaims that with him there, they'll win the battle; but Azukiarai claims otherwise as he drags out Shigeru's policeman father, the actual chief of the police office. He makes demands to save him, making them wonder what they would do to save his life; but Shigeru charges in knocking Azukiarai to the ground with enough time for the team to use their Doron Changers to transform into the Kakuranger. Sasuke claims Azukiarai should pay for ruining the reputation of police officers as the team rip apart the Yokai and Dorodoros within the club with their weapons and escort Shigeru and his dad out. Sasuke uses the Cloning Technique to attack Azukiarai and force him out of the club; the Yokai tries to turn into a bird but Sasuke becomes a toy plane; then he summons a bike until Saizou turns into a truck to throw him off the road! He soon turns into the Azuki Ball caught by Jiraiya that is hit like a baseball by Seikai into a wall!

Angered, Azukiarai uses the Yoki Cloud to become a giant, forcing the team to summon their Giant General Beasts. Azukiarai uses the Garbage Can Vacuum to trap the Kakuranger inside and then the Ninpo Boiler Boiler to burn the Rangers alive! Sasuke soon uses the Big Bang technique to explode the trash can and allow for their escape, allowing the team to form into Muteki Shogun. Azukiarai charges at the giant combination but his sword is caught and he's knocked away until the team uses the Flaming Shogun Sword to defeat the Yokai, his final regret being he lost to a bunch of idiots.

The Announcer announces that Muteki Shogun is their ultimate combination Jutsu and wonders if this is proof the team is actually getting along...only for the scene to show the Kakuranger massaging Sasuke, acting this way because he saved them from certain doom. Eventually, he naps so long that the other Kakuranger leave him behind on Nekomaru as the Announcer tries to "fuse" with his desk.


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DVD Releases

Kakuranger DVD Vol 1

Kakuranger Volume 1, DVD cover

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-11.[1]

Kakuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Kakuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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