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It's a Super-Powered Trap! (超魔力の罠だ! Chōriki no Wana da!) is the fourth episode of Battle Fever J. It continues the opening storyline that will ultimately lead to the revelation of Battle Fever's secret weapon.


Kensaku desperately tries to save a researcher friend as Egos recruits a psychic to discover the truth of Battle Fever's secret weapon.


Egos attacks the Defense Department’s research facilities, kidnapping researcher Segawa. Segawa was the supervisor of Battle Cossack, Shiraishi Kensaku, who worries for his old mentor. He is also the uncle of Battle Fever support operator, Keiko. Egos is trying to learn the nature of the secret weapon Battle Fever is building (their giant robo). To pry the knowledge from Segawa’s mind, Egos calls in a psychic from India, Bengal Tiger. As Segawa doesn’t know anything about the mecha, Bengal Tiger can’t extract anything and kills him. Unfortunately, Keiko and Kensaku don’t know that he’s Egos, and approach him to help them find psychically track down Segawa. This makes Keiko Bengal Tiger’s next target. But Battle Fever protects her and exposes Bengal Tiger.


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  • Viewership: 11.8%
  • This episode, along with episode 6, was not edited with Kenji Ushio being replaced by Masashi Ishibashi as Commander Hedder after he replaced him in the role starting from episode 9, unlike the rest of the first seven episodes.  This came after Kenji Ushio was arrested for possession of drugs early in the series run.
    • The reason behind Kenji Ushio keeping his role in this episode is that Ishibashi portrays the Egos Monster in this episode: the Psychokinesis Monster and his original human form, Bengal Tiger, and the two actors share scenes together.

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Battle Fever J Volume 1, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 1 features episodes 1-11. [1]


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