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Wanda! Death Cry (ワンダ! 死の絶叫 Wanda! Shi no Zekkyō) is the forty-seventh episode of Choushinsei Flashman. This is the fourth episode of a seven-episode endgame, featuring the final battle and the death of Leh Wanda.


Ley Wanda uses his Deus upgrade to get ultimate revenge on Jin, while Sir Cowler's manipulations lead to him and Lee Keflen to learn the truth of Ra Deus.


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  • Viewership: 13.9%
  • At the end of this episode, the Flashman have 15 days remaining on Earth.
  • When the Flashman are thrown through space-time through the combined powers of Ley Wanda and the Tokimura time machine, the musical motif used is the third, Scherzo movement of Antonín Dvořák's 9th symphony (commonly known as "From the New World" or the "New World Symphony")
    • This is the second time a movement from this symphony had been used in this season; the first was in episode 27.
  • Yutaka Hirose (Leh Wanda) will return in two seasons as Doctor Kemp in Liveman.

DVD releases

Flashman Volume 5, DVD cover

Choushinsei Flashman Volume 5 features episodes 41-50. [1]


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