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A Mystery! Strategic Grass-Lot Baseball (怪! 謀略の草野球 Kai! Bōryaku no Kusayakyū) is the forty-seventh episode of Battle Fever J.


Maria investigates left-handed sports players who suddenly become superhuman as part of Egos' manipulations.


A baseball pitcher, Yutaka Horiuchi , who previously had no exceptional talent, begins pitching spectacularly fast balls (in excess of 200 km/h). He appears to be among a number of left-handed athletes who suddenly gained fantastic athletic prowess overnight. Suspicious, Battle Fever begins to investigate. However, when Maria questions Yutaka, he is offended at the notion that the abilities are not his own. However, his children Minoru and Kimiko, remember that his prowess suddenly appeared after playing in an arcade, particularly a left-handed arm-wrestling machine. Maria investigates the machine, and discovers that an Egos kaijin is actually hidden inside, granting people athletic powers for some mysterious purpose. Egos then subliminally sends a message to all their athletes to join the World Peace Convention Sports Rally. As Battle Fever investigates, they realize the athletes would be in a perfect position to attack the dignitaries at the convention. Minoru and Kimiko try to convince Yutaka that he is being manipulated, but he doesn’t believe them. Maria then challenges Yutaka, figuring that if a woman can hit his fantastic fast ball, he will listen to reason. So Tetsuzan Shogun, equating baseball with kendo, trains Maria in swordsmanship. With her training, she actually his 200 km/h fastball out of the field, and lures out the kaijin.


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  • Viewership: 16.1%

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Battle Fever J Volume 5, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 5 features episodes 44-52. [1]


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