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Princess Denzi was Two People (二人いたデンジ姫 Futari Ita Denji-hime) is the forty-fifth episode of Denshi Sentai Denziman. It involves a peculiar connection referring to Princess Denzi and refers back to the history of planet Denzi introduced prior in the series.


Both Ippei and the Vader Clan pursue an ordinary preschool teacher who appears to be the splitting image of Princess Denzi, making both believe she has somehow returned.


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  • Viewership: 15.3%
  • This is the first time since the movie (and the first time in the television broadcast) that the matter regarding Princess Denzi's personal Denzi Stone, the Rainbow Stone, is mentioned.

DVD releases

Denziman DVD Vol 5

Denziman Volume 5, DVD cover

Denshi Sentai Denziman Volume 5 features episodes 37-46. [1]


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