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Five Minutes Before the Heart Stops! (心臓停止五分前! Shinzō Teishi Gofun Mae!) is the forty-fifth episode of Battle Fever J.


Shirou and Makoto protect a heart surgeon used by Egos to empower a monster so he can save a child's life.


Egos kidnaps Dr. Osawa, a famous heart surgeon, and forces him to perform a special enriched heart into their latest kaijin. The heart is 100 times stronger than a normal heart, giving the kaijin superior athletic ability, and they have the doctor transplant it into an irregular location. They then keep him under house arrest in the mountains. However, Shiro and Jin arrive to rescue him, as he is needed to perform a heart operation for a dying little boy, Kenta. As they try to escape, the kaijin pursues them with his fantastic athletic ability, and nearly drowns Shirou. Makoto then remains behind to fight as the doctor runs away. He is also defeated by the kaijin, but manages to rescue Shirou. The next morning the doctor is caught again, but Battle Japan rescues him (riding in on horseback). As they face off with the kaijin, they cannot defeat him because they don’t know the kaijin’s secret. In order to keep Dr. Osawa silent, Egos raids his home in the middle of the night and to kidnap his family. However, Maria has taken their place to protect them. With his family safely in custody, Dr. Osawa reveals that the kaijin’s heart is located in its head, and that the back of the head is not armored. With Egos defeated, they get Dr. Osawa back to the hospital in time to save Kenta.


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  • Viewership: 14.7%

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Battle Fever J Volume 5, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 5 features episodes 44-52. [1]


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