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The Tsukikage Clan of Hell Valley (地獄谷の月影一族 Jigoku Tani no Getsuei Ichizoku) is the forty-fourth episode of Battle Fever J.


Battle Fever find themselves under attack by a ninja clan after a member turned Egos Monster frames them for the murder of another member.


Egos recruits Monshiro Ocho, a member of the Tsukikage family. The Tsukikage clan is a family of ninjas who stay hidden in the mountains to live a peaceful life. When they refuse to collaborate with Egos, Egos impersonates Battle Fever and kills Tsukikage Reiko, another member who was studying music in Tokyo. In her dying breath, she sends a signal flare with Battle Fever’s symbol “J”. Immediately Battle Fever becomes the target of the Tsukikage family, seeking revenge. Maria, Kyosuke, and Shirou are all attacked separately by different members of the Tsukikage family, using various magical ninja techniques. Masao then reveals that when he was younger, and training in his martial arts, he fell from a cliff, and was found and cared for by the Tsukikage family. So he immediately sets out to find the head of the Tsukikage clan and declare Battle Fever’s innocence. To prove his integrity, he engages the Tsukikage leader in a sword fight, and seeing the purity of heart in his katana, the Tsukikage leader believes him. However, Tsukikage member, Musasabi Kozo follows Masao, and falls into another trap set by the fake Battle Fever. This time though, Shirou and Makoto arrive in time to save him, and the Tsukikage have their revenge against the real murderers.


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  • Viewership: 12.7%
  • While this is the third and final known time a normal human becomes an Egos Monster, the Illusion Monster is the only human transformation who is female.
  • The fake version of Battle Fever used as part of Egos' scheme uses a green member for Battle Kenya, further complicating the color identity of the member and whether he is a "green" or "black" Ranger.

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Battle Fever J Volume 5, DVD cover

Battle Fever J Volume 5 features episodes 44-52. [1]


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