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Swordsman! Japan's Best (女剣士! 日本一 Onna Kenshi! Nihon'ichi) is the forty-fourth episode of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.


Goushi protects the best swordswoman in Japan from Bandora's newest Dora Monster, who absorbs and multiplies the talents of the best people for itself.


A concert by idol Kaori Hayasaka is interupted when she's suddenly abducted in a red tornado. The same fate befalls Nishizawa, a young baseball player,  and a popular soccer player named with Sugimoto. The culprit is Bandora's latest monster, Dora Chimaera. The witch has decided to abduct the children of the world's idols in order to rob them of hope. Elsewhere an older woman nearly falls over on a crowded bus but is caught by a young woman named Sayaka Yamazaki. Sayaka expects that one of the passangers with a seat will offer it to the woman, but the man in front of her pretends to sleep to avoid responsibility, earning him a swift rebuke and a trip to the back of the bus from Sayaka. Already disgusted with the state of men in the world, Sayaka is eager to take out her agression when the mysterious tornado appears around her and draws a kendo bokuto. Swatting the hidden monster on the head, Sayaka says that she wasn't fooled because she is the best swordsman in Japan! The swordswoman attacks Dora Chimaera and holds her own, but eventually she's pushed into a corner. Before the beast can make a move, Goushi appears and defends her. During the fight, Dora Chimaera reveals that he absorbs the skills of every person he abducts. When Chimaera gains the advantage, injuring Sayaka's hand in the process, Goushi hurries Sayaka into his Side-Zaurer to escape as Dora Chimaera threatens that her swordsmanship will be his. In another section of the park, Goushi apologizes for Sayaka's injury and offers to look at it, but the swordswoman states it's just a scratch and she could have defeated it on her own, telling him to not interfere before running off.

An impressed Goushi follows Sayaka to her kendo dojo, but before long it begins to rain. Inside the students ask their sensei if she will disappear like their other idols. Sayaka assures them that the dojo is important to her and that she loves all her students so she won't vanish. She then closes up and leaves, only to discover that Goushi has waited the entire time for her. He states he wants to protect her, stating that she is Dora Chimaera's next target. Sayaka is unconvinced and challenges Goushi to a kendo match, stating that, if he wants to protect her, he has to be stronger than her. She promises to meet Goushi in the park the next day.

On the moon, Lami asks Bandora why she's making Dora Chimaera wait to attack Sayaka, but the witch tells her that she has a plan. That night, as Sayaka wonders why Goushi wants to protect her, she hears a strange chanting.

The next day, Goushi and Sayaka square up with bokuto in the park. Sayaka strikes first and Goushi is shocked when her bokuto slices through his vest. Some dark magic is allowing the bamboo training sword to cut like a real one and, at times, it even appears as a steel blade. Goushi struggles and attacks Sayaka from below but she kicks him just like the soccer player, Sugimoto. Goushi realizes that Sayaka has somehow been taken over by Dora Chimaera! Goushi pleads with Sayaka to come back to herself but the real Sayaka is trapped, unable to save Goushi even when he appeals to her love of her students. The Dora Monster disarms Goushi and raises a killing blow, but Goushi catches the blade with his hands.

As Goushi promises to protect her no matter what, Sayaka's admiration for the knight frees her from Dora Chimaera's control. Goushi attempts to fight Chimaera off, but his hands are badly injured and he nearly collapses from the pain. Luckily the other Zyurangers arrive to join in the battle and Chimaera calls in a squad of Golem Soldiers. Defeating the Golems, the four Zyurangers pursue Dora Chimaera.

As Goushi rests his bleeding hands Sayaka pulls out a handkerchief which she rips up to bandage his wounds. Goushi is humbled and resolves to join the fight against Dora Chimaera but Sayaka insists that he can't fight in his condition. Hugging Goushi from behind and breaking into tears, Sayaka begs him not to put himself in danger, but Goushi only gives her a regretful thank you, quietly comparing her scar to his own as he turns into Mammothranger and runs off to join his teammates. Sayaka is left alone, Goushi's duty must come first.

Elsewhere, the Zyurangers continue to fight Dora Chimaera; Mei tries to attack it with her arrows but the Dora Monster uses the skills of an archer named Yabuki to best her and calling upon Nishizawa's swing to brutalize the other rangers with a pillar. Summoning his tornado Chimaera begins to absorb the Zyurangers as well, but is halted by a blast from the distance. Goushi transforms Moth Breaker back to its axe formation and promises to kill Dora Chimaera in a single stroke, inspired by the starkness of Sayaka's white scarf. Mammothranger leaps from the cliff and makes good on his promise, leaving a frustrated Bandora to revive the beast and enlarge it with her staff.

Snow begins to fall as the rangers summon Daizyuzin and the two battle. Dora Chimaera reveals a new power, freezing Daizyuzin solid with a gust from the goat mouth on its chest. Pulling out a hockey stick he promises he will finish them with a powerful ice hockey dash. Taking command despite his injuries, Goushi orders Daizyuzin to spin, dizzying Dora Chimaera and thawing the ice before he summoning Godhorn and the team finishes it with the Super-Legendary Lightning Cut.

At a cafe later, Goushi drinks coffee while admiring the falling snow, sadly contemplating how things resolved. The rest of the rangers join him to cheer him up, but the moment is bittersweat. Far away, Sayaka continues to train her students at her dojo as the same snow falls near her.


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  • Viewership: 6.8%
  • While this episode aired on Christmas, the holiday was not specifically acknowledged although elements such as snow and the Zyurangers relaxing at the end seem to show that they did acknowledge there was something special about this day. Starting next season, this holiday would become acknowledged within the series directly.
  • The name of the idol whose abilities are stolen by Dora Chimaera at the start of the episode is Kaori Hayasaka, which is a fusion of the two female Rangers of the previous series, Choujin Sentai Jetman (Kaori Rokumeikan and Ako Hayasaka) and may also be in reference to how Ako became an idol in the epilogue at the end.

DVD Releases

Zyuranger DVD Vol 5

Zyuranger Volume 5, DVD cover

  • Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Volume 5 features episodes 41-50.[1]
At Long last...A DVD!

Zyuranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Zyuranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2015.


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