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The Trump Card is Seven Changes (切り札は七変化 Kirifuda wa Shichi Henka) is the forty-third episode of Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.


The Ohranger go undercover in order to lure out a Machine Beast hypnotizing people into returning to younger, more carefree days.


A strange man walks along a harbor until he sees Satoko, matriarch of the Niita family who envies the youth of those around her. The man admires her devotion to her family and wonders if she hates happiness; surprising her as he takes out a "crystal ball of youth", made of crystals generated on the far side of the moon and will make all her dreams come true. Satoko is tempted but doesn't take it stating she isn't falling for this scam making the man wonders if she's letting her happiness in youth and beauty run away from her, making her doubt the decision and rush to buy it from him for 500 yen.

At the Niita household, Satoko envies the desire to go back to her school days and wonders if she can fearing her age. Activating the crystal ball, it tells her to clap her hands three times and pray silently stating it will make her young again. Satoko states she wants to go back to when she was young and full of life, rushing to look at a photo of her youth as she prepares to perform the ritual with the ball, which glows and activates.

By the time Satoko's son Yutaka returns home, he notices her as a confused high schooler, confusing the son as she doesn't recognize him and runs along! Yutaka tells his mother to stop joking and chases after her wondering where she went; searching the city, Gorou discovers Yutaka's search as he drives by, as he tells OhRed about his mother acting weird. When his sister Kiyomi comes by, he asks about their mother but she is confused as the strange salesman is heard nearby, the Gorou, Yuji and Momo investigating as he states the basis of the power before realizing he's being watched and disperses the crowds. Momo wonders if his mother was there but Gorou notices the depths of the footprints, realizing that he isn't human.

The trio and Yutaka pursue him as the strange man becomes surrounded by the three Ohranger; Gorou tells the Machine Beast to reveal himself as he shows himself happy they're together, throwing his hard geta clogs at them before hitting them and returning to where they landed. Gorou and the strange man fight with him showing a greater strength before revealing itself as the Machine Beast Bara Fraud; which fires a beam from it's forehead forcing the Ohranger to dodge! The trio transform as Bara Fraud uses a crystal ball attack to trap them, making the King Blaster reflect and hit them before striking them with whirlwinds and electricity and then burning them with fire within their chamber of torment. However the ball is soon destroyed by OhYellow and OhGreen, freeing them as Bara Fraud attacks all five of them before escaping making Gorou wonder what Baranoia's planning.

Later, Gorou, Yuji and Momo catch up with Yutaka as he states now his father and sister have fallen for this scam, revealing his father Ichirou is now a kindergartner meeting up with the high schooler Satoko. Yutaka noticed the weird crystal ball which reverted his family, turning even his sister Kiyomi into a baby! The Ohranger are confused by the transformed Niita as Gorou turns off the crystal ball, reverting the Niita back to their normal minds and confused by what they were doing.

At UAOH headquarters, Miura reveals that the crystal ball device emits hypnotic rays reverting the mind to a younger state and makes them forget their reality. Miura states that all humans have a desire to revert from an unpleasant reality and this is what Baranoia is attacking with. Miura states the people of Japan are in danger and they need to lure out the Machine Beast peddling the crystal balls to finish him off; revealing suitcases surprising the team.

Later, Juri and Yuji return to town in the form of a married couple; Juri tells her partner to knock off the nonsense as they notice a woman in a kimono they bow towards who reveals himself as Shouhei telling them to be on watch as he passes by. Elsewhere, Momo dresses as an old man trying to give away crystal balls to bring about happiness, confusing two kids as they see her while Gorou rides by as a blonde biker; Momo wonders if the plan will work but OhRed states it will while readjusting OhPink's outfit telling her to keep the act up, frustrating Momo.

At the Niita residence, Satoko apologizes to Yutaka for the stunt while he admits they're the unluckiest family in Japan which they all confirm. Bara Fraud's human form soon appears stating they may be the unluckiest in the world, scaring them, Satoko admitting he's the one who sold the crystal balls. Ichirou heads to remove him but Bara Fraud states their hearts are terribly weak as Yutaka worries, the trio activating the crystal ball again as the Machine Beast states this is an improved version.

In the city, Gorou watches over several high schoolers running by; Riki is revealed to be one of the girls, playing "Rikiko" and stating he's exhausted from all the searching as the girls call him away to the chase. Gorou wonders where Baranoia is.

In the Niita home, the family has gone haywire, with Ichirou as a karate fighter, Kiyomi a rock star and Satoko a blonde model! Satoko forces Yutaka to clean her shoes as he hears a strange singing; discovering some bug spray, he heads into the family wash room where he sprays it onto the human Bara Fraud, who admits how resistant the boy is to his scams before throwing the can away and crushing it. Bara Fraud transforms stating he can crush him with one finger, forcing Yutaka to run as his family continues to run amuck destroying and causing chaos through the home wrecking it even as the boy tries to tell them to stop; the trio knocking him away as they continue to destroy their house! Crying, Yutaka runs away where Gorou finds him asking what's the matter is; Yutaka cries to OhRed as he discovers Bara Fraud once again selling his crystal ball for those who want to live an easier life, showing the parents abandoning their children making their lives miserable.

On the Moon, Buldont admits that the connections and bonds between family don't amount to much and stating that when families are broken up, Earth will be easily conquered, delighting Multiwa on his brilliance.

On Earth, Riki comforts the children abandoned by their parents and asking where the Ohranger are at a time like this. In the Niita household, Bara Fraud laughs at the stupidity of the family as he prepares for another bath before he hears a strange singing in their bathroom. Going inside, he discovers Yutaka who claims he's gotten too overconfident in his plans, upsetting the Machine Beast as the Ohranger announce themselves, revealing Gorou replacing Ichirou, Yuji Satoko and Momo Kiyomi! Bara Fraud throws a pillow to escape, but soon encounters Shouhei and Juri as the other Ohranger catch up, forcing him to transform to fight them and attack with his forehead beams. The Ohranger transform firing a flamethrower from his belt until KingRanger appears to throw him down with his King Stick and allowing the Ohranger to combat him with their weapons. He fires more beams at them until he's hit by the King Victory Flash and the Ole Bazooka. After Acha and Kocha grow Bara Fraud, the team activate OhBlocker; Bara Fraud fires at it, making Gorou realize they need to use Twin Blocken Thunder to destroy the crystal on his forehead, disabling the crystal balls and creating an opening to summon Tackle Boy and stop him with Dynamite Tackle.

Later, Ichirou tells his family to be quiet and "leave things as they are" as the Niita sneak out of their destroyed home. Ichirou removes his golf club from the support, making the house fall apart completely. The quartet soon are found by the Ohranger who wonder what they'll do next; Ichirou states they'll start over and won't lose with the confidence of the UAOH warriors as the Niita leave to try and figure out their new lives.


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  • Viewership: 4.9%
  • This is the final Sentai episode written by Shouzou Uehara.

DVD Releases

  • Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Volume 4 features episodes 37-48.[1]
  • The complete Ohranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2016.

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