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Merry Carmagic Christmas!! (メリークルマジッククリスマス!! Merī Kurumajikku Kurisumasu!!) is the forty-third episode of Gekisou Sentai Carranger. It is the conclusion of the three-part showdown with the three Bowzock mecha and the crisis between the Carrangers and Dapp.


With the Carmagic of their mech nearly used up and Dapp recaptured for the Bowzock mechs, the Carranger must work out their problems with their alien ally if they are to live to see a Merry Christmas.


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  • Viewership: 4.9%

DVD Releases

Carranger DVD Vol 4

Carranger Volume 4, DVD cover

  • Gekisou Sentai Carranger Volume 4 features episodes 37-48.[1]
Carranger Shout Factory DVD

Carranger: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Carranger series was released in North America by Shout! Factory in 2017.

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