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The Strongest Man in the Universe (宇宙最強の男 Uchū Saikyō no Otoko) is the forty-second episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It is the first part of the two-part showdown with Damaras, which concludes with To the Legendary Hero. The episode focuses on Don Dogoier's backstory.


After a battle, the Gokai Galleon crew discovers a magazine feature that says that Don Dogoier is a famous warrior who once slayed a powerful dragon, but Doc reveals that he actually has no memories from before he joined the Gokaigers. Damaras joins forces with Basco in an attempt to exact his revenge on the pirates.


After watching his forces defeated by the Gokaigers, Ackdos agrees to Insarn's pleas of giving Damaras another chance. Upon hearing this, Damaras accepts the task. Arriving to the Earth, Damaras attacks Basco ta Jolokia for failing to kill the Gokaigers when he had the chance, but he offers to spare the privateer's life in return for his help. On the Gokai Galleon, the crew is shocked to find Doc in a magazine, labeled as a hero who was said to have died defeating an evil planet-eating dragon. Doc apologizes for lying that he was a refugee from a Zangyack planet while admitting that he has no memory of doing such a thing. In hopes of regaining his memory, Doc dines at a high class restaurant with Luka, Gai, and Ahim where the story of how he joined the Gokai Galleon crew is revealed. Soon after, on their way to find dessert, the pirates are attacked by Damaras as Captain Marvelous and Joe arrive, the latter recognizing their foe. Transforming to fight him, the Gokaigers find themselves outmatched as Damaras lives up to his reputation as the Zangyack Empire's greatest warrior. They attempt to fall back, but Basco and Sally block their only escape route. As the others are taken out with Basco and Sally, Gokai Red is defeated by Damaras. Basco then incinerates the others as Doc is knocked aside with Damaras taking Captain Marvelous with the intent to have him suffer greatly. Left alone, Doc is horrified that his shipmates are killed and his captain in mortal danger.


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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Volume 11 features episodes 42-46: Ep. 42: The Strongest Man in the Universe, Ep. 43: To the Legendary Hero, Ep. 44: A Lovely Christmas Eve, Ep. 45: The Confused Ninja, and Ep. 46: Hero Eligibility. It was released on May 21, 2012. [1]

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